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The New USA?

For those of us whose hobbies include quizzical interests in political and economic policy, watching the goings on in Greece is very educational. For some, what goes on in GREECE is reflective of the multiple divisions within the politic USA.

Wonder if it may be…?

What a mess.

You see, the one very tricky condition of Faith is one needs to believe first. For Faith to work one of two aspects must be in place:

  • One individual of true righteousness must pray for a specific request. JAMES 5:16
  • A number of  less righteous folk need to come into an agreement to pray for a specific request together. JAMES 5:14

There are no gimmicks, no easy answers, no fast track solutions, just good old fashion Faith. Faith that our Messiah will stand with us as we pray for the health and salvation of the USA. Time will never run out with our Lord, only without Him. Guns, Military, violence, does not security make.


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