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With these latest posts you may see a slight change in content, but you would be amiss if you thought the original vision of Cepher has changed even just a bit. Today at Cepher we are witnessing a disturbing change in the direction of a large portion of believers. For certain there have always been those on the far right of every faith that have amassed enough power and followers in the past to succeed in instigating the like of The Crusades, The Inquisitions and all the others little harmless witch-hunts that set Christianity in such a fine light.

However, groups like Opus-Dei , which have been leading in the shadows for decades waiting for this exact moment when the belief in the Lord’s number one rule of “Loving God more than everything else” has become so badly twisted that the second rule that the Lord placed equal to the first: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”, no longer means to “turn the other cheek”! Today, if they do not believe as you do, they are not your neighbor! Not only are they not your neighbor, they have become your enemy! This type of belief takes us right back into the “eye for an eye” mentality!

If belief in our Messiah does not mean “Unconditional Love” for ALL humankind, then why believe?

The Words of our Messiah are very explicit, so please read them: MATTHEW 5:38-48


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