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Child-like, Not Childish

The Bible is chock-a-block full of analogies and metaphors using children themes, and for very good reason–every child is born innocent and unmarked by the world it has been born into. Yet, in all the references of children in the Bible nowhere is it found that states God’s people should be childish. Even so, most people today who believe in God are far more childish than they are the biblical preference, child-like. Today more than ever before this condition needs to change immediately or we are looking at returning to zero, going back to square one and beginning all over again.

As this is my “soapbox” I must say that in all my travels, studies, and experiences, I have become a strong believer that we are placed on this planet to learn. The sixty-four thousand dollar question of course is, what is it that we are to learn? And that is just it, we are given the opportunity to choose what we want to learn, as well as whether or not we wish to learn at all. There should be no doubt that since we were created with the most complex large brain on the planet our Creator intended on us learning something with that brain. And considering that today we have only managed to use less than twenty percent of our brains, which according to the Bible we will not be bringing with us to the Afterlife, it only makes sense that we use every bit of our brains that the Good Lord provided us with.

When King Y’shua Messiah was once asked what was the most important commandment of God, and His answer makes it very clear what we should be learning and what our brains should be used for. Mark 12:29-31; King Y’shua Messiah’s answer was crystal clear that the number one rule, law, commandment, or desire that God placed before humankind was to understand that God is the only God, and that each of His people must love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, to love God with every molecule of our being. If that does not clearly explain what our brains must be filled with and used for, then …

So now you understand how important it is for all followers of God to immerse our brains with the Blessed Holy Spirit. In my life I have found that the more you know about a subject the better decisions you can make concerning that subject. Even though the Bible speaks on knowing too much and reading too much can be problematic, the Bible also states that a very big, common problem with God’s people is the lack of knowledge—         Like everything in life even learning and knowledge must be considered and done in moderation.  Can Science and Faith ever be reconciled?


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