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As I stated in the beginning of this book, I am in the second half of my century and feel as though I have learned far more in the past two decades then the first three decades. That is not at all surprising because the human animal has the ability to continue to learn in the second half of life providing that human maintains both the desire and the open mind to learn. In my case, I began life as a “Six Day Creationist”, and now I am completely convinced that not only is an evolutionary creation by the Lord possible, it is far more likely due to the irrelevance of time in the Creator’s realm. Considering how long it takes human beings to even begin to truly understand our Creator it is entirely possible that some degree of evolution is involved within the creation process. How much evolution involvement is the real question. I still find it very difficult to accept that we came from the monkey, and yet, if you study the actions of the Chimpanzee in the wild it is not that far of a step to see one’s self in the fray. Also, the resemblance between the human being and the lower primates in appearance and activities should humble us if for no other reason than because we are so similar. The most compelling aspect of evolving from lesser primates is the humility it instantly infuses in one’s character.

However offensive this thought may be for many, again, if one keeps an open mind you can see the excellence in the possibility that we came from a more primitive species. In fact, I think there is very much to the possibility that Cro-magnon was a descendant of Cain! Why not? The primary difference was in the skull, especially the forehead being the most notable. The entire design of the Cro-magnon was for hunting and more Cain-like abilities. It is just a thought that comes with keeping an open mind. I am not going to provide a complete thesis on this topic just to try to prove a theory because that is not what this book/post is about, so let’s get back to evolution–just food for thought.

My point here with evolutionary creation is not to say that the Lord created a singled cell life form and let it grow from the abyss. That is a bit too far for me to go, however, I assure you that I am open to that possibility only because the Word of the Lord does not absolutely and clearly describe exactly how life began, and the Creator could easily have done just that; stated in the Bible exactly how life began with zero ambiguities, but He did not! That should tell anyone with an open mind that the Lord had no intention to clearly describe how He created life. Therefore, I will not take one side or another, but I will continue to keep an open mind. And I would suggest if anyone takes umbrage of such they should simply read the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis   (with the Blessed Holy Spirit)!

Hopefully, we can all agree that human beings are created from star-dust (Genesis 2:7).

I do not have a single view on an evolutionary creation simply because the possibilities are so vast. All I can say is the earth is absolutely older than me, and our Lord created both! Although, how the Lord created it is possibly pertinent in the way He interacts with His people in regards to time. As the Bible clearly states the Lord’s time is not our time and that Divine Measurement of Time is as different from ours as one day is to one thousand years. With all of these matters I can only speak to my own experiences and learnings that lead me to believe that our Creator is an extremely patient being, by human standards, and rightfully so as one considers the mind bending elemental truths of eternity.

Few, if any, can fathom the endurable immensity of infinity, and far, far less can even begin to comprehend eternity. Therefore, considering that our Creator is an infinitely eternal Being, one can see how the Lord could easily use billions of years to create life and explain it to us in terms of time as a matter of days. Why not? Is it any more absurd than thinking that an Infinite Being spent a matter of earth hours to create everything–we are talking about a Being that could make everything within less than the shortest nano-second known. Of course, our Creator made everything in seven days to coincide with our week–a week that does not run true to any combination of patterns in sequence to the earth’s solar orbit!



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