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Our one-hundredth visitor arrived on the 16th from France–our first from France! It just so happens that I am in the process of learning the French language.

I wish we could bring some lighthearted writings on board like I read on so many other blogs, but there is far too much lighthearted messages being used as an attempt to bring up our spirits at a time when it would be better for all if our spirits were allowed to feel the pain that is decimating society today. For far too long I have attempted to keep up the spirits of those around me in the belief that a good attitude was most important. I have finally come to the realization that one cannot have an endless good attitude without loosing sight of reality. Today, the reality is we are at a crossroads in life and most people are suffering. Crossroads in life usually involve anxiety, pain, and confusion; it is at these crossroads where you need the Truth more than at any other time in life.

I have a very different way of living the Way, I believe that it is important to live in balance with our Creator while on this planet. That type of lifestyle requires a selfless outlook completely dependent on my Lord for every breath I take–His Grace must be sufficient, never leaning on my own understanding. It is so different because it is almost Deist in approach. Where I differ from the common Deist is in the basic understanding of what our Creator created, and why.

Seven blunders of the world that lead to violence: Wealth w/out work, Pleasure w/out conscience, Knowledge w/out character, Commerce w/out morality, Science w/out humanity, Worship w/out sacrifice, Politics w/out principle.   –  M. Gandhi

Shortly after learning about Mohandas K. Gandhi I realized that he was one of the greatest people to have walked this earth, and that list is extremely short. This above statement of his made decades ago is prophetic as we look at society today. Our society has managed to complete the list of seven blunders with ease and today we are now the grateful owners of one of the most violent societies to date! And yet, as great as this man was… where is his country today? If we can’t listen to the advice of a man like Gandhi, who do we listen to?

The USA today is not that far from Germany 1932.

The gap that we must be careful with is the one between us and the filthy rich. In today’s political arrangement that the High Court has just authorized; recognizing corporations as people means that the filthy rich have just bought what was left of our vote–one person one vote.


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