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I have a simple practice that I try to follow when I use StumbleUpon.com to surf the Net: If I cannot understand/pronounce sixty-percent of the words within the first sentence I read on the site, I do not bother reading on. However, that does not imply that I do not seek the use of a dictionary at times when I read, I simply prefer to read without the need of the dictionary for every other word in the sentence. With that in mind let’s have a look at THIS. What is wrong with that picture? A religious leader riding inside of a half a million dollar bomb and bullet proof car to safely wave at his fans. Is he being protected from his fans or are they being protected from him? Either case is odd if you have ever read the Bible.

Have you ever followed a debate on the existence of our Creator? If you have at some point in the discussions the question is raised on whether or not people can be good for no other reason than goodness itself. I always find it interesting that even with the majority of the world believing in a Creator we still seem to have a rather large absence of goodness. Therefore it only goes to show that without even the smallest belief in a Creator this planet would be toast within minutes. I know that for myself and 90% of those that I have associated with–my family excluded–over the past five and a half decades, we would tear this planet apart without our Lord in our lives. If that makes me a product of Cain or just terribly ignorant I do not know, but I do know that there are a great deal of my kind of people on this planet.

The shear fact that humanity is still here proves to me the existence of our Creator.

The question is: How much longer can we continue on the planet living as we do? I actually believe that there is a large portion of the populace in the USA that would be willing to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their usage and slowing their lives down. However, most of what we read today on new technologies is how to maintain our standard of living while reducing our carbon footprint. I would think that might be possible in the future, but right now we need to be willing to just slow down by changing how we live; Reduce our travel, drive in slower electric vehicles, reduce the amount of electrical items we use thereby allowing solar, wave, hydro, and wind to suffice our power needs.

Whether we like it or not, jobs in the numbers we have had in the USA before will never return unless we start retrofitting and restructuring our nation’s infrastructure. Otherwise, any jobs that enter our shores with any number sufficient to improve the economy will be mostly done by robots. The rich will not save this country; dirt cheap labor is abundant throughout the globe, robots are becoming cheaper to make and maintain, and the rich already have their safety parachute in any number of other countries they have estates in.

We have no need of relying on any other source than our Creator.


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