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What if: The Creator designed human beings to develop into the people we should be? Here’s a thought; Our Creator who has existed forever and will continue to exist forever creates the most important creation of all times complex as it is in just a matter of days to last just a few thousand years; a micro second in infinity.

Everything has become a business, especially religion!

Enough all ready! I have no doubt that other than deep inside the Amazon and places as such, every human being living in America and Europe has either heard of the name of Jesus or has a family member that has! Therefore, the great Apostolic Mission to evangelize the world is no longer a true followers first concern.

Most people today can write a story that others would read, but can they write a story without the gratuitous filth that masquerades as sex, without the explicit violence, without the foul language, and still make it readable for others?

How many of you are familiar with the French Revolution? Let me share with you just a few of the many similarities between France in the late 18th century and the USA today:

First and most important is the massive gap between the rich and the poor; combine that with the bleak financial state of the USA which also matches that of the late 18th century France finances. Now if you would remember how the weather came against the French during that time you might just think that today is De’ja’ vu. Truly, the similarities are terrifying.

What happens in England happens in the colonies soon there after.

As always I offer no answers because there are no answers to all the questions that have yet to be asked. That is what Cepher is all about–asking questions. As a society there has been far too many who have all the answers and far too few of us asking the right questions. There is only One who knows all the answers, and He will only give them to the individual who asks, and then only the answers that pertain to that individual. There are no answers for society in its entirety, and that is because there is no society that works as one single entity. We are all individuals, and unfortunately, we only come together as a mob mentality as our human nature turns wild.

History show that at no time has a large group of people worked together for longer than a matter of years at most, and never in such a way that created utopia. If it has not occurred in these thousands of years, what nonsense would makes us believe that we can achieve it now? We cannot, but our Creator can! It does not take any effort or leadership, but it does take immense prayer.

The question to be asked is: Can we come together and pray for our country? Not like the show Governor Perry displayed for his campaign. This pray must come from our hearts and conducted in private where only our Creator is present. No one gets credit, but our Creator.


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