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Some of you have noticed that we have taken a slight turn in our approach to share the Word of God. This is for good reason because the time is running out. Next year marks a change in humankind that will not be reversible by any other means but through pray. These posts we are publishing are our attempt at opening your minds to what other possibilities are out there in explaining our world today.

2012 will not be the end of the world! It will, however be the beginning of a new world order that is completely different from most Pentecostal, Evangelical and Apostolic Christians believe. What we believe here at Cepher is an enormous increase of evil will engulf the world beginning in the USA, and 2012 is just a good starting point due to the mass hysteria that has been generated. The divisions have already been established, and the lines have all been drawn. Throughout history wherever God’s people were placed to lead they always failed, and evil took over. That was always due to the fact that God’s people drifted away from the Spirit and applied the method of humanity (human nature) where the Spirit of God should have been.

Most people who believe the USA was created to be a Christian nation have a false idea of what that means. Inevitably, our human nature takes over and thinks that the only way a country can serve God is by forcing everyone to believe! It just takes one look at any one of the four Gospels to see that King Y’shua Messiah–God’s true nature–never healed everyone, never saved everyone, and nor did He try to force everyone to believe. The Bible is very clear that only when all life is past will every knee finally bow; it will not happen until the complete end. Until then we must understand how to live side by side in peace with those who believe differently!

The first step in God’s plan is to create a free country–free to choose to serve God or not! The second step is for all who believe, to Trust in God as you work out the log inside your own eye. Then the final step is to obey God, not for any other reason but love. Just think for one moment; if all God’s believers in the USA worked only on their own souls, what kind of world this would be? No judgement, no hypocrisy, no more following flawed human beings (which we all are).

One could choose the survival mentality, and for good reason once you see the direction of things to come. Actually, one need not even look to the future for this countries problems to begin, one can just consider events like this. However, if your survival depends on anything other than God you will inevitably run out of or run into something. No matter how much provisions you gather, and no matter how much security you have it will never be enough without God. God does not play second fiddle, you either Trust in Him or your own wits.

This does not mean God will not help you plan for a catastrophe, but there is a very fine line between trusting your abilities and Trusting in God. The Bible plainly shows us how God takes care of His own; where provisions never run out, and events where nature is used by God to provide for His people–water from rocks, manna from the sky, birds bringing food, etc.

Our entire problem today is a lack of real Trust in God. Believe me when I say that after this budget debacle Trust in God is all we will have left!


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