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I am going to make it as easy as possible for anyone in the USA reading this blog to contact their congressional representatives!


The reason I am doing this is due to the calamity we are facing if Congress does not begin to require the filthy rich to carry their fair load! This country is falling apart at the seams all caused by division. Division that was once used by government to keep us fighting among ourselves as government went the way of corporatocracy–allowing the Military Industrial Complex combined with Wall Street and Conglomerates to take complete control of our lives.

Divide and conquer as they used juicy carrots in front of all our noses to keep us distracted; and here we are today. The rich are untouchable (except by their own when they step out of line), the poor keep increasing until there will be nothing left, but to cower and beg for bread. Unfortunately, those in command understand completely how dangerous hungry mobs can become and that is why they do everything to keep us weak and divided.

There is a “Way” out of this quagmire, one that has been used successfully before; to unite in peace and compassion with all who wish to join. However, before that can happen all of us must put down our judgments, opinions, and prejudice, so that we can focus on the real immediate problem facing us today–selfishness. The only way the majority of us can become unity is to have compassion for all who suffer at the hands of those in power. If we do this we can retake our country back and begin again to live in common unity and peace. If we do not–this country will change into something that none of us wish to be a part of.

We are in drastic times that require drastic measures, and that is why each of us needs to make contact with our congressional representatives and let them know that we are no longer going to let the rich and powerful make us pay for everything. It is time that, until this country regains its financial footing, we ask the rich to bail this country out of the mess that those in Wall Street created! We must also reduce the outflow of funds to other countries as well as the $trillions$ that are going to the enemies that we are supposedly at war with. If not?


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