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Take life one step at a time sounds great, but is very difficult to accomplish if you have Multiple Sclerosis. With MS, my life has changed immensely, and with the Lord life those changes are amazing! I say this not just because our nation is sinking into the mire of filthy selfishness, but also because that may not be a bad thing for this nation to do if it will lead to a revolution. Sometimes only through trails do we come to the Truth.

The human being is accustomed to learning through experience much like all other animals. The difference between us and animals is our ability to foresee problems before they manifest. This ability to solve problems before the exist gives us the rare ability to avoid problems entirely. However, that can happen only when the mind is working stronger and faster than our emotions and instincts.

Everything from the neck down on a human being is animal related, but our minds are capable of taking our bodies far beyond our beastly tendencies. Although there is a catch in the direction our minds can take us, and that is related to what is in our hearts. Our hearts, as with our minds, are relatively empty at birth–except for some of the naturally evolved traits both animal and human–therefore, we can choose what we place, reject, and keep in our minds and hearts.

So much is involved in the making of who we are by environmental and genetic preferences that we forget how much control we really have in the making of who we become. For us “followers” of the Way, we know that there are three distinct forces pushing and pulling on us in an attempt to influence who we become. There is the genetic, the actual physical body we are born with; the psychological, which is our capacity to learn and develop our personality; and the Spiritual, the most important of the three because it is the Spiritual part of us that can have the most profound effect on our mind and body thereby being the ultimate arbitrator in who we become.

So with every step we take as followers of the Way we quickly discover that if all three parts of our being work in harmony with our Lord no matter what we do or where we are there is a constant peace that is available if we do not walk past it. The problem comes when a part of us begins leading us without the harmony. That part can be any one of the three segments of our being. When we are not in harmony it is usually due to the lack of our three parts working in conjunction with each other.

Our Creator did not design us as three-part beings in order for them to be at war with one another and the best parts wins. We were designed with harmony, for harmony, by Harmony; therefore, our body, mind and Spirit must work together for the benefit of the being.


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