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The Singularity

Well one more nail in the coffin of Christianity was hammered down with the sad prophetic shenanigans of the man who claimed the world was going to end and the rapture was going to occur. I refuse to print his name for fear that someone who has of yet does not know about this tripe would possibly be lead to follow his career further. As unfortunately as it is I will not be surprised to hear that this individual will quickly regroup and begin misleading the already obviously misled into further darkness continuing to blaspheme the name of our great Creator.

I feel lead today to share with all of you my profound belief in the Creator, ELOHIM (Hebrew meaning for “Mighty One” YHWH). Before I express my beliefs I must first acknowledge what I do not believe in: The Rapture, I have read the Bible from cover to cover too many times to count and I have researched numerous books, articles and studies all on the Rapture for and against enough to be certain that there will not be a Rapture, nor was one even discussed until just a few centuries ago. The proponents for the Rapture take a few obscure passages from Saint Paul for their entire case! This subject is one of a very few that I am comfortable being certain about. There are very few things that one can truly feel certain about in life and the Rapture being a zero possibility is one of the top subjects. I simply ask all (and there are millions) who believe in a Rapture to pray that the Lord opens their hearts and then research the topic aggressively, please.

I believe in a Creator that loves us to a degree that we are unfortunately not capable of fully appreciating. Our Creator is eternal, which is another concept that human beings cannot fathom to the fullest extent necessary to understand a being who has no time constraints typical to our life on earth. Another insurmountable problem is our nature to pick and choose what we wish to believe. We have no problems with the modern technologies that science provides us with that enhance our lives, making our lives easier and far more entertaining. However, when that same science tells us that our planet, the one where the most important life belongs–which of course is us–is not the center of the universe; suddenly the very same  science that creates such neat stuff for us to enjoy has now become useless!

I could go on for days listing all the reasons that keep us from a full wholesome understanding and appreciation of our Creator, although that would accomplish even less than I am already attempting to do, so I will just reiterate how helpless we really are developing a relationship with our Creator. I believe that is exactly why the Bible documents eons of failed attempts by humankind to follow our Creator. In each description of these failures we see the same events occurring i.e., humankind failing to relate to the Creator requiring them to reach out to another human being to lead as well as to become the mediator between them and the Creator.

Then comes our Savior, King Y’shua Messiah, permanently taking the place of all mediators and by example showing all of humankind how to relate to our Creator,  also enabling humankind to establish a relationship with the Creator by giving us the Blessed Holy Spirit as our teacher and guide in our relationship with our Creator! Praise You Sweet Lord!

Of course we all know that our human nature is contrary to the Lord’s spiritual nature, and until we relinquish our nature to the Lord we cannot receive the Blessed Holy Spirit that is crucial to our relationship with our Lord. It is that reason we see the almost immediate rise of man-made churches in the first few centuries that were completely lead and used by man in the name of the Lord. Have you ever seen the Vatican Nation in picture or person? When I see how church members donations to the Lord are spent by this big national corporate churches/denominations I wonder what King Y’shua Messiah would say if He walked into one of these places as He walked into the Temple in the  first century?

Elohim = The Singularity

The Mighty One is what science is looking for, what the poor and down trodden are looking for, He is what we are all looking for, and He has made it very easy to find Him; if you know what you are looking for.


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