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Last night, while futilely trying to sleep, a thought literally popped into my head. This thought was how we are all Fibonacci! Well, at least that is each human being is the sum of its prior two parts,i.e., mom and dad. You see, the Fibonacci Sequence, by definition, the first two Fibonacci numbers are 0 and 1, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two (wiki).

As I am sure you have already figured out that I am an uneducated man who has spent a life time in a futile attempt to educate myself. When I was growing up education was frowned upon in my family; in fact all the problems on earth were caused by ” those educated idiots” with their college diplomas, according to my dad. He also felt education was anathema to being “a real man”, which was my dad’s primary concern for his sons. In my family, it was far better for the son to die than be gay; and for some reason education was the first step toward homosexuality.

What was so strange was the fact that my dad and his dad were very intelligent men, and my dad’s estranged grandfather had a law degree! My thought on that fact involves typical human nature at work when a child that has a bad relationship with a parent the child will attempt to become the opposite of that parent. My childhood was similar to many as well as many kids today in Christian families. In my family a man was to provide for and protect his family, that by the way was absolutely necessary to have. Only homosexuals did not have families, the bigger, the better!

As you can imagine I had a great deal of baggage to carry to the Lord to dissolve. I have found that the more educated one becomes the more open-minded they become. Many statistics show this by the ratio of education levels within various personal political beliefs. The statistic that shows this best is within the middle-class where beliefs, more than finances, influence the choice for education. This is why you see so many polls that show high numbers of Christians that still believe in a six-day (144 hrs) creation. An eternal God who was in a hurry to make life on earth; and yet, this is a God without bounds who could have just as easily created everything in less than a blink of an eye! Obviously, the Lord must have wanted to show the significance of a six-day work week!.

Where this all goes is back to the Fibonacci Numbers; life is full of the appearance of specific design, and that alone begs the question of why are we here. Also, studies have shown that there is a specific place in our brains that respond to a presence of God and a supernatural existence. It is that very spot in my brain that has directed my life toward God and to discover the reason I was born. I am not so sure that we choose to believe in God, I know I did not. That goes into a whole other road that for now we will not travel.

The God that I have found is a Being of endless, boundless, unfathomable Love that desires the company of every soul. Where I believe that we have no choice is in our place on earth and our position with God. Some are designed to commit their entire life to the attention of God, while others may be required to just have a relationship with God. All different parts of the Body of God doing different things at different times for various reasons. And it is that variety that saturates life and should keep us from judging each other. Someone who, by design, surrenders completely to God is no more spiritual or better off than someone who, by design, commits to a very simple relationship with God.

Life is hard enough without any further complications from us judging, punishing and devouring each other in the name of God. I have often wondered what would today look like if America did not sell weapons nor use them unnecessarily. Would poor countries feel less threatened. thereby allowing them to purchase products needed for their citizens? We will never know. What we do know is that the greater majority of the regular folks in every country would rather have funds spent on projects that will enhance their way of living in peace with most other countries. However, what we hear, see, and read in the mainstream media is just the opposite. We are told how each country is at perpetual war with all other countries and all our economies are completely dependent on the continued war mongering sales of weapons of destruction both mass ans minimum.

Just as there are signs all over the globe and across the universe of inconceivable and utterly amazing design, there are only a small numbers of possibilities of the origin of this design. One possibility is the obviously popular academic thought of this marvelous design came about by nothing more than chance, a chance so common that there should be unlimited other planets just like ours in this immense cosmos. I of course, am of the party that believe in the Fermi Paradox, however, there is another camp that believe that the design is far to complex to have just happened, and therefore this camp is certain that life was created by Aliens from other than Heaven. This belief still does not answer how the Aliens became to be, but at any case there is a third possibility which involves the existence of a superior being. This third possibility makes the most sense to us at Cepher, as well as it provides answers for every question known to humankind.

All that being said, the most important reason I believe there is a supernatural Creator is because of all the possibilities of those listed here along with many others nothing else answers my intellectual needs as well as my emotional needs like believing in my Lord does. It is the overwhelming peace that I have believing in my Lord who keeps me totally satisfied. The satisfaction, contentment and peace is what every human being seeks from birth, and finding the reason why you were born is the best way to establish that comfort in one’s life.


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