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I wanted to be on the record prior to 21, May 2011 in order to be able to say from the beginning that here at Cepher we do not believe that the Blessed Holy Spirit will ever inform someone years or seconds in advance of the end of the entire world. I do not believe in the Rapture, and I think that it is a travesty that anyone would believe someone prophesying the end of the world, and yet, there are thousands or more that have stopped their entire lives, closed their bank accounts, quit working and sold their homes because someone told them that the end is coming on a specific date. This person that has predicted the End of Days first predicted it in 1994, and at that time said that if his calculations were incorrect and the earth is still here after 21, May 1994, the next date would absolutely be the correct date, which of course is tomorrow.

As I previously mentioned, the fact that so many Christians have taken this tripe hook, line and sinker, should reveal to the world just how far from the Cross Christianity has fallen. Thank the Lord for the remnant that will always be ready, waiting patiently while continuing to sharing the Gospel by simply living it.

No one is guaranteed tomorrow, that is why it is crucial to live today for King Y’shua Messiah.


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