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Life Happens?

Does life just happen? Are we the simple by-product of an accident? When scientist suggest that we are made of the same stuff stars are made of, I do not take that has proof that we are the by-product of stars. I believe it shows how absolutely connected all life is to everything. To me chemistry is magical, science is miraculous, and mathematics is the language of God. However, in all my studies over four decades I find nothing that proves to any extent that God does not exist! I have found substantial proof to my mind that God does exist, and therefore find it impossible to believe that life just happens.

I find it amazing that in the animal world the chances are very high that the act of mating will produce offspring, while in the human world the chances are actually very slim for a single encounter or numerous encounters will result in a pregnancy. I have seen no studies that compare fertility rates among past generations and today, going back several decades, but I am confident that if there were such a study it would reveal a marked contrast between the past and present showing far higher fertility among those of many decades past. What this all tells me is human life does not just happen, but that much must occur in order for a human life to begin.

This blog is not polemical, nor is it scientific, but what we do try to accomplish here at Cepher is show how complicated life is without God, and how Spiritual outlook can fine tune so many areas of the complex web of life. There is a new book out by someone we here at Cepher consider a “straight shooter”, someone who, like us, is searching and speaking  for Truth. David Brooks Has written a fantastic book called “The Social Animal” about human behavior; and he has written it in story/narrative form which makes learning about how we as human beings think enjoyable as well as enlightening. One theme in this book is how important and active our subconscious is in our daily lives. This insight David Brooks shares with his readers comes from a wide spectrum of experts in different fields, and can teach us just how crucial adult interaction is with children.

Where all this takes us is right back to the very beginning of life, back to where we all came from, the womb. We must begin to understand how absolutely crucial it is for humankind to see how tied our future is to each and every baby born minute by minute. We must realize how much influence adults have on children and begin to use that influence to create the future this earth deserves. Human beings are not born monsters, and yet that is exactly what our society today is doing to the next generation. It takes a great deal of adult up-bringing to make a kid go bad. The circle continues into an abyss that we will never be able to get ourselves out of if we do not do it now!


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