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Selfish or Selfless

I am old enough to remember that in the sixties there was an anti-social movement that rated the individual over the group. It was all in the guise of freedom, but deep inside the movement it was completely selfish motivation that took the forefront. Free to be who ever the hell I so desire, to wear what I want, to speak how and to whom I want, and to live as I see fit–damn to my neighbor. That movement preceded the great suburban migration for the individual to live as far from the social centers as possible.

Then in the eighties another individual (selfish) movement came into the mainstream, and this was a financial freedom for the individual. The right for the individual to make as much money for himself (mostly male dominated) with less and less concern for value over time. This movement placed the individual into an even smaller social circle that continued to alienate more and more. Another “aftershock” of this movement was the deliberate attempt to make money/profits the entire goal of one’s life, and the manner in which that was done was of no concern as long as you stayed one step ahead of the law changing the law where ever you could for self benefit . This practice created means to make money without creating value, substance, or any tangible product.

Any honest economist will agree that whenever an economy creates no tangible goods for import and/or export that economy is built on sand which will sooner than later collapse. So it is no surprise to many of the older, wiser, and more honest economist that we have the economic problems that we have today in the USA. Until we stop pretending that the end of the rainbow is just outside waiting for us to begin picking up the gold out of the pot, we will continue to slide downward. That slide need not continue if we would realize that like it or not we are all connected and will rise or fall together. Only those filthy rich few who have enough of everything and can live any place on earth will be able to watch the sinking from a port far from us. The rest of us will go down with the ship.

Do not think for a moment that you will be able to survive with your armored enclave, food storage, and the like for very long. The street gangs that number in the hundred-thousands will tear you apart, and then there will come the desperately starving masses–armed to the teeth. No, the only hope for the USA is God, and His Way is the civil, unselfish, societal way, which begins with all of us coming together (not physically, but emotionally) and living within our means in a sustainable way that provides for those in need as well as for planet longevity. This is not such a dire thing to do, but something similar to what the citizens of this country did for decades very successfully up until the sixties.

Something profound happened in the sixties that caused the majority of citizens to retracted into their own imagined security. I believe what happened was the complete collapse of trust between the citizen and government along with a breakdown of trust between citizens. This was the result of the assassination of  President Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy, as well as the war in Vietnam, Civil Rights Bill and massive civil unrest dealing with each one of all of the above at one time or another. By the time “Watergate” occurred it simply reinforced the feelings that you can trust no one and the more secure you can make yourself the better chance of survival. We now must find a way to rebuild the trust between citizens, but at the moment with groups like the “Tea Party”, and such intense political polarization, it will not be easy. However, it must be done!

A very good place to begin would be in the churches. Because if we cannot come together in the name of God as one Church, well what else could possibly be done? However, to begin to bring churches together would require the elders of each church to humble themselves, and that is the test of all tests. Today, over 80% of US citizens believe they are special and that in turns leads to thinking you are also right. The humility that graced this country in the forties has  dissolved and we need to bring it back.


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