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Apple Eaters


Are you an “Apple Eater”?

Hopefully, you understand that the fruit in question here is first of all not an apple, secondly, even though originally it was possibly a real fruit, here it is metaphor. With that comprehension in tow let’s get down to answering the question of whether or not you are an “Apple Eater”. If you’re a human being you most certainly are an “Apple Eater” until you surrender your existence on earth to God. Therefore, we need to determine the difference between “Apple Eaters” and “Non-eaters”, and then discuss what it is to be a “Non-eater”.

Primarily,  “Apple Eater” is a term devised from the Bible verses dealing with the “Tree of Knowledge” in the Book of Genesis. Hopefully, we all know how the story goes and how it was the precursor of establishing God’s people apart from the rest of humanity.  On the one hand Satan offers the world, and on the other, God offers Life. For all human beings the world is self-explanatory and yet Satan insists in offer detailed explanations that extent into our wildest imaginations. What many people have learned is that the more someone tries to sell you something by building that something into a bigger than life item, the more likely there is that that something has a hidden catch, clause, blemish, or trap. Satan has continued to exaggerate how utterly fantastic that “apple” is. On the other hand, God has continually offered one thing, the same one thing and only one thing since the beginning of time without any elaboration or fanfare.

To me the difference is like a Chevy compared to a Maserati, one car needs no sales gimmicks at all because the vehicle speaks for itself. That brings us to the discussion of what it means to be “apple-free”. Throughout life one is constantly bombarded by the “sales gimmicks” of Satan presenting the world to any and all who so desire it. And yet to a much lesser extent one is also aware of the possible option offered by God. At some point in one’s life the realization of what Satan is actually offering becomes apparent, and to some it becomes crystal clear. It is at that point in one’s life that a decision is made to either take Satan’s ride to the bitter end or be set free with God’s offer.

So to be “apple-free” is to be completely engulfed within the loving, secure arms of our Creator who provides us with a life that is eons beyond that which is experienced in a “worldly” existence; so much so that it is completely impossible for someone living within the arms of God to describe that experience to someone who is not. The only true and expedient way to share that existence with someone who is not experiencing it is to let your life be the example of what you are experiencing, and in time others will come to that very same realization that brought you within the warm, secure, loving arms of God.


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