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Most of our readers have no idea what the title to this blog means and that is what this blog is all about–the ignorance of the American Citizen.  We will get back to the title–hopefully–but right now lets talk about how little we know about our planet, each other, and ourselves. It is this ignorance that has caused us the greatest amount of pain we now live under daily. Those of us who believe in the Word of God have the least excuse for our lack of knowledge–

“Optimism: The doctrine, or belief, that everything is beautiful, including what is ugly, everything good, especially the bad, and everything right that is wrong.” –Ambrose Bierce

If you believe the above statement from the Honorable Mr. Bierce then you most certainly need to continue reading, please! True optimism is a very clear understanding of where one stands in life and the pluses and minuses that actually exist in one’s life, e.g., You are involved in a traffic accident that terribly injures both of your legs and almost takes your life; medical procedures save your life as well as one of your legs, but you lose a leg just below the knee-joint. The true optimist sees the drastic life changing events as horrible as they are, however, this optimist knows that an amputation that saves the working knee-joint is far better than an amputation above the knee, a single amputation is far better than the double, and of course the chance to continue to live speaks for itself; all fact, all very true.

True optimism, like Faith is not blindly ignorant, but willfully and intelligently sought after by those who desire to live in Truth that fulfills one’s reason for existence. Today we have few looking for Truth and most looking for their truth, which is whatever they can find to help them feel needed and loved. Those few who look for the Truth that may or may not benefit them are unselfishly looking for something that they are certain exists, but have no idea what it is. All they truly know is this Truth that they are certain is out there exist specifically for them to find.

Are you looking for such Truth?  John 14:6


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