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I do not like to rely heavily on the Old Testament because it has all been done before, and there is far less positive blessing in it for today than there is in the New Testament. There is very good reason for this, viz., the Old Testament is the history of God’s people gone awry. To read the Old Testament today gives one a great look at what one can expect when one chooses to stop following God, be it on an individual or mass basis.

Jeremiah 23:1

“Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture!” declares the Lord.”

So much is happening today, and yet, so few are earnestly searching for Truth; not a truth that makes one feel good or even a truth that produces contentment, but real Truth that gives one the complete understanding of ones existence. How many of us even ask the existential question? If there was ever a time to find out why you are on this planet, now is it. Today, far too many of us live for the single selfish reason of pleasure, and as a result we fail to consider the pain in other people’s lives. There is a direct correlation between the pain of others and the pleasure we seek for ourselves. It is not difficult to see how that pain increases with our search for pleasure.

The more we spend our lives searching for self pleasure and security, the less we consider those in pain. As we neglect their pain, it grows; and as it increases it is passed on to others too busy in their selfish little enterprises to notice that they have become the neglected. With each passing day, if we bother to look, we can see an increase in the masses of those suffering from pain. Eventually, if we do not stop their suffering we will become them.

There are reasons for all things that the Bible reveals, and the main message that the Bible shares is a matter of compassion for others. When King Y’shua Messiah preached the Word of God to the Jews they had already lived in a very segregated lifestyle. That was one of the biggest changes God was introducing to His people had that time, integration. It was the most difficult adjustment His people needed to make because of their prior rules to keep to themselves. This change God was implementing had nothing to do with everyone living the same way; that was already dealt with at the Tower of Babel. This change was simply a matter of compassion. Live and let live, with enough compassion for your neighbor to allow you to help out even if your neighbor did not believe as you.

King Y’shua Messiah’s entire itinerary demonstrated that very principle of being compassionate for whom ever was suffering, while at the same time not allowing another’s lifestyle to change yours. At the time of King Y’shua Messiah’s itinerary the Jews believed in an eye for an eye. That concept was applicable in the centuries before King Y’shua Messiah’s walk on earth, but it was not going to work any longer and it needed to be amended along with many other Old Testament beliefs. That was the job of God’s Agape Love, it was compassion that needed to grow in the hearts of His people if there was going to be any chance of it growing in the hearts of others.

The one great positive factor in all of this is job security! There is so much suffering on this planet that it will not be difficult for any of us to find work.


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