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“There is a great deal in both joy and sorrow that is similar in everyone’s case, but always one element entirely different; the platitudinarian evades this….The biggest benediction one man can find in another is not in his words, but that he implies: “I do not know the answer to your problem; all I can say is that God alone must know; let us go to Him.” ”  Oswald Chambers

I am not certain that only mature followers of God can understand the words of Oswald Chambers, but I do believe that though they were written by Oswald Chambers, the words were given to him by God through the Blessed Holy Spirit. It is because of this that I do believe one needs the assistance of the Blessed Holy Spirit to completely understand Oswald Chambers’ writings. In that belief lies the Words of King Y’shua Messiah–Matthew 13:12

My dad introduced me to Mr. Chambers’ writings when I was just beginning to discover God and they seemed Greek to me at that time so I read very little Oswald Chambers, but once I became completely encapsulated in God I started reading all of the various publications from Oswald Chambers and have never stopped. I have found some of the most profound spiritual inspiration from Oswald Chambers’ writings and recommend  them to all determined followers of King Y’shua Messiah.



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