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An Act Of God

The only true and certainly most important “Act of God” in the past several thousand years was His total surrender to and for us on the cross. That surrender was suppose to be an example for us to follow, and by following that example we are to completely surrender our existence in this universe over to God. However, so many of us are terrified of the word “surrender” because it is always in the context of loss. One surrenders when one looses, and there is nothing humanly delectable about loosing. Therefore, most people look at surrendering as a loosing proposition; and in worldly terms that is correct, but in Spiritual terms one is surrendering over to God everything in one’s life that is undesirable. Of course, everything about a human being without God is undesirable, yet, when one surrenders their entire life over to God, God instantly sets you free without all the baggage that once held you down.

Once a soul has surrendered to God that soul immediately begins to see life from a completely different perspective, and it is that change in perception that accounts for an entirely new lifestyle! For the Love of God alone the surrender is worth it, and yet there are so many other benefits that accompany that Love that quickly after your surrender you discover that surrendering to the King of Kings you actually become the victor.

Let us now look at some of those other benefits that ones receives along with the Love of God:

  • First is Patience, and it is listed on top because of its importance in our lives. It is Patience that enables us to wait for it. The longer one waits for something, the more valuable one considers that something, and that is specifically by design. The longer you wait for something, the more value it will have and once you possess it you will certainly hold it higher regard than if you did not wait at all.
  • The second benefit given to one who has surrendered all and received the Love of God is the ability to resist jealousy. Today, we do not appreciate the importance of these first two attributes, and as a society we are paying for it gravely. Can you imagine the power and peace one has when ones self confidence is so solid one never becomes envious? That type of confidence comes only when one feels the Love of God.
  • With that confidence comes another benefit that of humility. When ones knows that the Creator of everything is willing to, and already has died for you, it doesn’t get any more humbling. And it is that humility that puts the confidence in its place, at the foot of God.
  • When you have become humbly confident in the God whose Spirit now lives inside of you it becomes more and more difficult to act improper, selfish or vengeful. As one lives life with less and less anger, selfishness, and jealousy, one begins to feel set free. And as you become freer and freer you realize exactly how the Truth can sett you free.

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