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Heaven On Earth?

How many times have you been “enlightened” by well-meaning Christians on how great your life will become both financially and physically once you begin to follow King Y’shua Messiah? They assure us that if we follow God exactly as it is written out in the Bible, and if we continually stay “right” with God, we will live disease free and become financially secure (as long as we give our ten percent to the church). Heaven on earth! Well not quite, because there are always those pesky little family members who refuse to drink the kool-aid and therefore have mishaps and sicknesses which will cause some despair. It is always difficult to enjoy “Heaven on earth” when family members and close friends are constantly suffering (supposedly because they refuse to live accordingly).

Thank God the “Wall Street Gospel/ Prosperity Gospel” that churches have used to promise all good Christians, Heaven on Earth, is finally being revealed for the fraud it is. No matter how hard the academic proponents of a” CEO Jesus” belief try to prove that the Apostles were all investment bankers, the truth is finally beginning to reach the masses. It does not take a genius to read the New Testament and see that though the Apostle were certainly not beggars they certainly were not wealthy. And God help them if they were because the New Testament speaks very poorly of the wealthy. From the words of King Y’shua Messiah to the words of Saint James each exclaim the same warning for the rich, as well as warning s to those looking for riches.

Therefore, all true believers/followers can rejoice when times of difficulty arise even if they include financial or health problems. Contrary to prior belief, as long as your heart belongs to God you life is completely taken care of even/especially in the midst of grave turmoil.


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