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The Politics of God

What are the politics of God?

First we must be clear on what the word, “politics” means. For this writing it means the art or science of government, and government is the authority rule. So God’s politics is a matter of how God maintains His authority over His people. We can see exactly how God rules by simply reading the Bible, the Word of God shows us the way He dealt with His people in the past as well as His expectations for our future. However, we see very quickly in reading the Bible that ten people who read it can have ten different interpretations in the very same Bible, on very same pages, reading the very same verses!  Not only can there be various interpretations, but various parts of the Bible can seem to contradict other parts of the Bible. That is not by accident! The Word of God is spoken to each and every single human being that has ever walked this earth or ever will.

It is the same reason there are four different Gospels based on a single event–the Life of King Y’shua Messiah, the Bible allows for various interpretations. The interpretations are as numerous as the people who read the Bible. One thing the Bible is rather clear about is God’s desire to develop a personal relationship with every single individual that has ever been or will ever be born.

I have read the Bible, cover to cover, in numerous versions including the Greek and Hebrew Interlinear, and as of yet I have failed to find a single place instructing followers of King Y’shua Messiah to demand, by use of physical force if need be, that every person contacted be made to “believe” in God! I have read in the Bible that King Y’shua Messiah requires His followers live in such a “Way” that reflects the life of King Y’shua Messiah in everything they do. Three of the Gospels discuss this at some length in areas that Bible scholars refer to as “The Beatitudes”, and the Gospel of Saint John discusses this requirement throughout the entire Gospel–followers refer to it as “Agape Love”.

Today more than ever we need this “Agape Love” in the power, numbers, and direction that the Gospels speak of being apparent in the First Century. Unfortunately, it does not take a genius to realize that the very basic ideas discussed within the Beatitudes are desperately needed today if the USA has any chance for tomorrow.


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