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Sadness with a Silver Lining

We live in a country that whether it is from the lack of centuries or just luck we have less melancholy memories than most other countries i.e., Europe. I often wonder if the absence of great sadness among the throngs within this country is not caused by the blessings of God. At any rate whether it be by blessings, or by the simple lack of time, or by the fickle hand of fate, it would appear to most today that sadness of great magnitude is just beyond the horizon. A sadness that will go far beyond that of what was felt in the second decade and again in theĀ  fifth decade of the last century by most Europeans and by all those who lost loved ones in the two World Wars (+70 million people died). Both wars were said to be the last due to the viciousness and massive loss of life that was forced on all who were alive during either or both of those nightmarish events.

What I have found to be most curious is how intense sadness affects people in such different ways. Some, who find themselves near deaths door tend to discover God, and others who may have had a lengthy relationship with God decide that the amount of sadness was sufficient to dissolve any possibility of existence of a personal God. Though my curiosity is peaked at the question of why the same trauma would affect people so completely differently, my understanding of why some believe in God and some do not has always been established by the Bible’s explanations that only those written in the Book of Life will believe. Consequently, it would appear that there is a strong spiritual factor determining the affect of profound sadness on human beings.

70% of Americans polled believe in the existence of Angels, and at least three-quarters of the American public believe in the existence of the supernatural, and yet few have sought the complete presence of God. How could that be? Maybe our human nature refuses to relinquish control. However, no one is truly in complete control of their life, although the idea of voluntarily submitting ones self completely over to a God that one is not convinced of is like playing Russian Roulette. There in lies the problem.

Thus enters the magic of sadness. Because of the paradox in the need to believe in God one must first believe in God’s existence–a step of pure faith–which is an action that most human beings are at the least reluctant, and more likely, incapable of such a step. Thus the necessity for God to allow Satan to cause sadness in such a way that enables those humans affected to take the most important step of their lives toward building a true, unbridled relationship with the Creator of all things.

In any case, it would appear that whether or not sadness has a positive side, America seems to be in the initial throes of what looks like a swathe of sadness developing into a thick, heavy and dirty blanket of despair eventually enveloping even the elite. It is at that point when we shall see how many of the 70% that believe in Angels finally surrender their entire consciousness over to God.

Thus a rather long-winded, haphazardly way of an attempt to ensure all who read it that, though the light at the end of the tunnel may frequently turn out to be just another high-speed train, there really are silver linings in the most vicious of dark rain clouds. However, the only way to benefit from that metallic rainbow is to survive the flood.


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