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Who is Jesus?

Why should we care?                             Let’s find out!


Hebrews 1:3

“And He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature,…” NASB

First of all, the Greek word used here for “radiance” means as if He was a mirror being used to reflect the Awesomeness of God to all of us. Secondly, but of far more significance, is the word “exact”; when using the Greek word for “exact” it means an instrument that stamps the very same image every time it is used. In other words, King Y’shua Messiah is the clone of the nature of God. Not the same, but identical!

With the understanding that while on this earth King Y’shua Messiah demonstrated the exact nature of God in everything He did and said, all we must do then to discover what God desires of us is read the four Gospels. They will show us exactly what King Y’shua Messiah did and said when confronted with every day life experiences. It does not take very long when reading the Gospels before one sees the very nature of King Y’shua Messiah, which is of course the exact nature of God.

Patient, Kind, Caring, Love beyond understanding, and completely devoted to the Will of God, are some of the attributes that one sees in King Y’shua Messiah when reading the four Gospels.

Today, most Christians learn who King Y’shua Messiah is from their pastor/Sunday school teacher, but they do not take the time to find out who He is on their own. The problem this creates is a sort of passing on the likeness of who God is to the pastor/teacher. Because the Lord gives His Blessed Holy Spirit to each of us it would seem that God desires for an intimate personal relationship with each of His followers. Therefore, each one of us must find God personally in order to Know Him intimately. Who God is to our Pastor is nice to know, but will not truly benefit us, as it would to know who God is to us personally.

It is for this reason that we here at Cepher celebrate the holiday season. We hope and pray that you will also find the time this month to quicken your relationship with the Holy All-Mighty, Amen.


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