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It Is Finished

In each of the Gospels Y’shua is credited with screaming His last words and only Saint John was close enough to hear what Y’shua’s last words on earth as a human being were–“It is finished.” What He completed has been misinterpreted since the first English Bibles became published.

Here at Cepher, we believe that King Y’shua Messiah “Finished” everything that needed completing. That is the entire Old Testament was written by the Word, for the Word, about the Word; therefore, the Word is “Finished” that is, completed within the Old Testament. The Old Testament is a great piece of history that we as followers of the King Y’shua Messiah can learn much from, however, the time of “an eye for an eye” is “Finished”. The Book of Leviticus is full of rules and regulations that King Y’shua Messiah has said we can use as we wish–some can eat meat some may not.

One cannot live by the Law and the Spirit because they conflict with each other. The Law says that we should take an eye for an eye; yet King Y’shua Messiah tells us to turn the other cheek. And the contradictions continue within the Law that has made many who have tried to follow it do horrible things in the name of God. All who wish to follow God must do it through the Blessed Holy Spirit because God is Spirit.

The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshiped anything but himself. – Sir Richard Francis Burton

For more than six decades my country has been directly responsible for millions of deaths in the name of God! Far more than the Crusades, The Inquisitions, and all the witch hunts combined. From the forties in China, and the fifties in Southeast Asia to this present day in the Middle East, the USA has been attempting to control the lives of billions of people for the single purpose of serving the almighty dollar–the only god this country has followed in the last seventy years. All the while with the expert use of propaganda making the citizens believe that the USA is a God following nation .

Under the guise of National Security the USA has disrupted country after country by controlling what goes in and what comes out of those countries; through espionage, political assassinations, coups and wars, we have kept country after country from being able to govern themselves. Millions of American citizens now know how the USA has caused malicious destruction in Iran, Central America, various African nations, Southeast Asia and now Iraq and Afghanistan (the complete list is numerous).

And that is where the trouble comes from–our knowledge of international crimes committed by our government in our name. In the beginning, few political leaders and businessmen knew of the nefarious activities of our country. It was simple to blame the Communist for all our troubles, and we all believed it. However, as time and activities went on more and more people became aware of what some in our government were doing and why they were doing it–greed.

This country can no longer claim its connection with God without first recognizing the wrong that it has done to other countries, and then make restitution. All the good that this country has done, and it is substantial, pales compared to the damage we have committed.

A change is coming whether we want to acknowledge it or not: the end of oil as we know it, a massive change in climate, the end of many fisheries, sea levels will rise, water will become more and more of an issue, all this and much more will occur within our grandchildren’s life time! Some of it can be mitigated, however, without God’s blessing on this country, this country is in serious trouble.

No doubt God will assist His followers, and His followers will be those who allow their lives to mirror the life of King Y’shua Messiah. The time that we are living in today is remarkably similar to the Messiah’s time: we live in a dialectic society as did the Jews and the Romans where money and prestige is and was the ultimate goal. There are so many comparisons between our society today and that of the Roman society in the first century. The USA has reached a time where it must decide to fix its infrastructure or continue to increase its global influence–it cannot do both. Also, the USA has become a politically corrupt country; both conditions were present in the first century.

The most important similarity between today’s USA and the First Century Roman society is the fact that the Jewish believers two-thousand years ago believed wholeheartedly that their Messiah was coming to physically destroy all of their enemies in a physical battle that would end all wars and make them the most powerful society on earth.

Sound Familiar?

Today we must each ask ourselves, am I following a god of war or the God of Peace?

Who is the King Y’shua Messiah? What are His beliefs? Is He a peacemaker or warmonger?

Is King Y’shua Messiah one who creates or destroys? Does He love or hate.

Who do you follow? There is no fence to sit on, and all will be known by their fruits.



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