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Today when so many are hungry, so many are not part of the War on terror, so many are striving for something more, so many are angered at those who risk all to feed their families, today when the word service is a disparaging term; it seems normal that only the lower-class should be required to fight wars that only the upper-class starts.

At this writing 18 American Veterans are committing suicide every day!  About 15% of American households are “food insecure” which means they are barely surviving. And those are not the real problems in America today. Today, “the hole in the boat”, “the leak in the dike”, “the bad wind on the horizon” is our apathy which is growing by the second.

Everything in nature and history shows us that once a human being is pushed to the extreme, that human being will push back for no other reason than for the desperateness of the situation. We can all avoid that response by simply providing hope, or we can be forced to respond to his/her actions that will never reverse the damages and problems that will occur after the “push back”.

So we can hide our heads in a hole and hope that when we pull our heads out of the hole, that the problem will have just disappeared, or we can continue to pretend that each person is required to pull themselves up by their own boot straps, and if they are not willing to do so they deserve what pain and heartache they experience. The problem with either choice is that the consequences will effect us all.

There has never been or ever will be a life that has achieved everything on its own without help or assistance from anyone or thing like luck, good timing, or just a plain miracle. It does not take a genius, spiritual enlightenment, or massive education, to understand that all life is connected and dependent upon each and every other being in order to achieve a full and lasting existence.

How much is enough? Money, water, guns, ammunition, food, friends, family, land and property, security and so on and so on and so on; at some point a person must understand that unless there is peace and contentment on a global scale there will never be peace and contentment for anyone on earth. There are no happy, content, peaceful, and satisfied millionaires/billionaires (that have a soul) on this planet. one way or another most of us feel the pain of this planet.

Other than a sociopath, only the extremely ignorant could be truly happy in this world today–and it is debatable if a sociopath can be happy. All of us can have happy thoughts, have extremely happy days, and even feel like ones life is about as good as it gets; that does not constitute the state of overall lasting happiness that I am discussing here. Today there are more people of all ages taking anti-depressants, and that says one thing–hopelessness.

I am not suggesting that “happiness” is our single objective while on this earth, but I am saying that while on this earth we will manufacture either peace or war depending on our objectives and actions.

That brings us to the nexus of all this rambling; this world needs hope and that is not going to happen unless it comes from each of us. Hope is not something that occurs through magic or miracle, it happens when one person helps another–which may seem miraculous.

My little anecdote to all this starts with my health going south which has always got me up and walking. This time was no different so on my walks I come in contact with numerous others out on the nature trail, and as I have done in the past, I make eye contact with each person and say hello. At this present time it seems as if I am either to scary looking to make eye contact with (which may be a very good possibility) or people are no longer capable of greeting others. In either case only one in twenty people would respond to my greeting in kind.

At first I had an inclination to just stop greeting and make no eye contact what-so-ever. That is when the Blessed Holy Spirit came into the conversation, and I said, why should I continue trying to greet people if they do not even acknowledge my existence unless it is to give me an evil eye. There were times when instead of a greeting, people would just look at me as if I were some type of pervert attempting to gain there trust just to take some kind of advantage of them! So I asked the Lord, “Why should I try to be friendly to those who dare not and do not care to be?” The Blessed Holy Spirit simply said, “That is exactly why.”

So,this is just one personal step to pass hope onto others one greeting at a time. As simple and maybe ridicules as it may seem to others, this is exactly what this country needs today. We need to once again get to know each other or we will end up going to war against each other.

Service for me begins with a “Hello”.


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