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“In the beginning was the Word ….”

It was there in the beginning, and will be there in the end. The translation for “Word” as used in the first verse of Saint John’s Gospel written in Greek means roughly, “the spoken word”.

In the beginning was the voice of God.

Can you here it?

The reason I ask is because so many people claim to hear “It” clearly, and yet I have read the Book of Saint John more times than I can count, but I still find the first few lines enigmatical at best–as is much of the Bible. I believe there is a reason for this and it comes from God’s request for His followers to be obsequious in not just our public walk with Him, but also in our understanding of life itself.

The biggest problem today, besides greed and selfishness, is our pride, which leads us to our opinion that not only is there absolute truth, but that we are in possession of it! In reality there are so few absolute truths, that one can count them on one hand. When it comes to the Bible we must be adamant in the understanding that it was written for an individual walk with our Creator. Even if we learn Hebrew and Greek so that we can read the Word of God in its original form it will still be difficult to agree on the meaning of every line.

When one considers how difficult–maybe even impossible–it is to objectively and correctly translate the Bible into English from Hebrew or Greek one can see the need for each of us to read the Word of God and find its meaning on our own. No doubt others will influence your thoughts, yet as long as they are in the end your thoughts that is what an individual walk with your Creator is all about.

Life is learning, and learning can be thought of as applying thought to activity. That is why King Y’shua Messiah clearly told us to consume Him. To have a hunger for everything that is King Y’shua Messiah. To search to the ends of the earth and back again–never stopping your search to discover as much as is humanly possible for who and what is King Y’shua Messiah (John 6:41-66).


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