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When we first began here at Cepher our only goal was to be committed to the Truth, and that commitment is stronger today then when we first began. Subsequently, our posts have become fewer–we are trying to write as much as we can, however, the Blessed Holy Spirit has not been as generous with Her Wisdom and Knowledge as She once was when we first posted.

Each time we take to the key board we feel directed to prayer more than type. Therefore, we are asking all our readers to please do the very same thing and pray for this country, for those of us who have dedicated our lives allowing King Y’shua Messiah to become bigger inside of us with each breath we take.

Our hearts here at Cepher have been very heavy for all who have a sense of God and His manifestation in King Y’shua Messiah on this earth two-thousand years ago, but they have yet to feel the real presence of the Blessed Holy Spirit that King Y’shua Messiah left us with, within all of our hearts, to teach us all about King Y’shua Messiah and our Father God.

There is a huge movement beginning that is just below the surface that will soon ignite into an unstoppable revival, but first there must be the shaking that each of our spirits have been telling us is about to occur. We must pray for each other asking God to provide the strength that comes from trusting Him with all of our being.

As we all know God knows all our needs, which makes prayer more of a reassurance for ourselves as well as it improves our relationship with God. It is the humility in the act of praying that allows our spirit to connect with the Blessed Holy Spirit, and in that connection our faith becomes stronger, which enables us to trust God that much more. Everything is a process.

Throughout the Bible we can see that God’s objective is to develop a society that will trust Him completely, and in that development we can clearly see how human beings have a tendency to deny God until all else fails. Here at Cepher we believe that is exactly what this future shaking will do. It will bring all those who follow God, closer to Him; while teaching those who simply just believe that there is a God, to trust in and follow Him.


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