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We’re Baaack! again

Sorry about that pause in posts, but we had another (rather surprise) visit with “The Dragon” (MS) . Although this time will be its last by the Will of God; we went to my parents house–they are our elders–and had them pray for me with the Holy Oil that the Blessed Holy Spirit directed us to make. Well, the outcome is “The Dragon” is gone and the Anointing has taken its place! Praise be to God in the Highest!

We also just had a cancerous growth taken out of our forehead and we are feeling at the very top of our game–Hallelujah! Though the head is a bit sore (just had surgery yesterday).

We have been working on a post that has been somewhat more difficult to finish than I had first thought, however, we will continue to tap the keys until the Blessed Holy Spirit is content with the product so we can publish it for you soon. In the mean-time we will be posting something we just did today–right after this–and please do not forget to read through the pages that are listed under The Way at the right of this post: Reckless Abandon are writings inspired by the most Spirit-lead young man in modern times–Oswald Chambers; Eschol (which is the name for the Valley of Milk and Honey) are writings inspired by C. S. Lewis the best Biblical story-teller of modern times. Of course, everything within this blog is under the direct supervision and inspiration of the Blessed Holy Spirit and nothing is published without the permission of King Y’shua Messiah–to the very best of human possibility. Those under the Journey heading are from the Blessed Holy Spirit’s inspiration for Sabbath reading. And do not forget to check out the Quote page every so often because we try to update it frequently.

Please feel free to contact us for whatever is in your heart, either through the contact page or with a comment.


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