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Though many other schools have opted out of public prayer we thought we would use this example in Exeter California for several reasons. The most important is the town is very small compared with most other places that have gone to private prayer. Also it is a rural community which is another anomaly of this incident.

Many Christians today see this as an attack on their civil liberties, we are not lawyers so we will not comment on the topic, however, we are very interested in this topic and felt the need to do a bit of commentary on the subject of public prayer. Our feelings derive directly from our understanding of the Word of God that influences our beliefs. So please do not take any of these comments out of the context that is our opinion.

First of all we will discuss the sudden and massive apostasy of the church and why we think it is occurring today. Secondly we will discuss the pros and cons of the loss of public prayer.

The Crusades, the Inquisitions, the division of the church now and then, witch hunts, physically forcing belief on native populations, and so much more, along with hypocrisy; comparing the above list of infamous activities conducted by the church, with the Word of God specifically those spoken by King Y’shua Messiah one can quickly see the disconnect. That disconnect has been apparent since before the Bible was constructed into the book that it is today in its canonical form.

Taking that into consideration and one can see that what the public is turning away from today is not what King Y’shua Messiah created two-thousand years ago. With that idea the question arises: Is it a bad thing for people to come away from false teaching? It does not take a theological historian to see that Gandhi lived a closer life to what our Lord desired of His followers than did any Pope.

The key to following King Y’shua Messiah is the combination of work and faith. Either one alone, without the other is not enough, however the Bible speaks of the priority of the two being work (James 2:20). We are not speaking of works of the Law, but works of our Lord (Matthew 21:28-31). There is such a fine line between being perfect for God and being perfect in God (Matthew 5:48). The scripture that helps us with that task is Matthew 9:13, where King Y’shua Messiah tells us what works are most important. He does not replace one with another, but simply provides some sort of priority.

There has always been just a remnant applying the exact teaching of King Y’shua Messiah to their lives. However, the majority has always been more comfortable following men who follow other men who follow other men who profess that they follow Jesus Christ. When in doubt, look for the Fruits of the Blessed Holy Spirit (1Corinthians 13), they are either there or not. If they are there they will be abundantly obvious and you should not have to search for them. If they are not there do not wait for them to show up.

So in reality those that have been following King Y’shua Messiah are still doing just that. While those who leave the church are not leaving anything that remotely resembles the Church, and the reason why so many people today have opted out of churches is due to the Blessed Holy Spirit placing on their hearts the desire to find the Truth. There will be some bumps in the roads they take to be sure, but they will get to where the Lord has directed them.

As far as losing public prayer let us look to the Word of God for guidance:  Matthew 6:1-15 and Matthew 14:23, in these verses we see the importance of private prayer. Our actions that display the Fruits of the Blessed Holy Spirit should be what we show publicly and if we do that there will be far more people coming to the Church than running away.


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