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Are we re-living the Crusades?

So many Christians today not only think that we are in the sixth crusade, they revel in the possibility! Five crusades before had only one victorious outcome for the crusaders and that was the very first! All five were in the name of Christ, but surely not in the Spirit of the Messiah.

Are we here at Cepher the only ones reading the Bible with the Blessed Holy Spirit?

For the past seventeen decades the Bible has been used for politics, and for the past seventeen weeks I have been reluctant to speak about anything remotely political. Now with the Blessed Holy Spirit’s assistance we will attempt to explain the need for all followers of God to pray for peace.

There are many Christians today who advocate for the eradication of all Muslims throughout the globe, in the belief that Islam is an evil religion and God would be pleased with this violence. Therefore, let us first conduct a short history review to better understand the problem.

In the seventh century A.D., Muhammad contacted leaders among the Jewish community and the Christian community to discuss each of their beliefs and customs. In doing this he determined that neither community had the right God, especially the Christians whom advocated at the time that Jews were sub-humans and should be destroyed. Can you just imagine if Muhammad had contacted true followers of King Y’shua Messiah?

Unfortunately, back then (as it is today) there were far more people who followed a religion in the name of Christ, yet there were few who followed King Y’shua Messiah. Many scholars today determined that Salah ah-Din (Saladin) was probably far more civil and kind than the Crusaders. Even if they were both as brutal as the other, that is not what belief in King Y’shua Messiah is supposed to display.

The crusades were brutal, they were vicious and they were far from what the Word of God teaches. Yet, there are many Christians today that want to continue these vicious, violent and brutal activities in the name of Christ! What a shame.

Luke 18:3121:2224:44-45,   All of these scriptures talk about how King Y’shua Messiah was the completion of the Old Testament telling His followers that the New Covenant supersedes the Old Covenant of the Old Testament, however, we are to still learn from the Old Testament and we must adhere to the Old Testament as it applies to the New Covenant–King Y’shua Messiah.

What this means is to simply apply the two primary Commandments that King Y’shua Messiah shared with His followers (Mark 12:29-31 & Luke 10:25-28) to the Old Testament. The Old Testament lacks the Spirit of Love in all the instructions and details of following God. The Old Testament was written to assist the contemporary readers of that time to follow God without the assistance of the Blessed Holy Spirit. It was also written for the followers of God today to show them what has already been tried and what possibilities await those who apply the Blessed Holy Spirit to the Old and New Testaments.

To believe that King Y’shua Messiah desires His followers to commit violence on Muslims, is to completely deny the Words of  King Y’shua Messiah when He tells His followers to “love their enemies” (Luke 6:35).

Who do you follow, a religion designed by man or the Word of God–John 1:1?


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