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It Is Finished!

Years of praying, months of planning, weeks of preparation, fifteen days of actual production, and by the grace of God we now have Holy Oil as per God’s instructions in Exodus 30! I only wish you could smell it, the smell of this oil is beyond explanation it is what I would imagine peace would smell like if it had a scent. The smell of this oil gives one a warm sense of security and comfort while at the same time a feeling like you want to consume it, this oil smells delicious. I have never smelled anything like it in my life! My olfactory senses are fantastic, and I thing that is because I am colored blind, therefore, I cannot describe the color of this oil, although my daughters say it looks like iridescent gold.

I am so excited about how this all has turned out so far, and yet I have some concerns on the proper way of asking for the Lord’s anointing on this oil. Knowing how this journey has been led by the Blessed Holy Spirit, and seeing the end result assures me that the Lord will provide me with the precise spiritual procedures for the blessing of this oil. It is because of the obvious presence of the Blessed Holy Spirit in this project and the tremendous results that make me feel so unworthy to be the one to ask for God Blessing on this oil. In every detail the Lord has guided me through with whispers and examples. I would either get an idea followed up with research for confirmation or I would come across information that the Lord would confirm through His Word. It was simply magnificent and such a growing experience!

Not surprisingly, Holy Oil has a natural healing quality with antibacterial and analgesic properties. Hey, let’s face it, God created this world intertwined with laws and tactics that if followed properly will result in a better life. Human beings have just not been paying attention.

This pic does not do justice, but it is the best I could do. It is slightly more than a half gallon.


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Thank You!

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