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Maceration has taken place with each ingredient and it is time to add the oil and boil. If all goes well we will have our first batch of true Holy Oil this week. The closer we get to the final objective the more excited we get. However, we have also seen an increase in trials and difficulties in our lives since we began this mission for God.

I have never been one to blame the devil for my mistakes or disobedience, although I realize that there are evil spirits in this world that try to keep us from total focus on God. So it has not been that surprising to see this increase in difficulties while we attempt to set out on our mission for God. We can see that same thing occur to our Messiah just before He set out on His Mission for God (Matthew 4:1-11). However, throughout the entire process it has been wonderful to see the Blessed Holy Spirit assisting in the project in a number of ways including, leading me to vital information and giving me cooking times.

For those of you that are not familiar with Holy Oil we thought we would provide some Biblical background. To start off with we should go to the original instruction of God to make Holy Oil (Exodus 30:23-25). Further on in that chapter one can see specific instructions and caveats of the oil’s use; the most important one is found in verse 32 which states: “It shall not be poured out on anyone’s body, nor shall you make like it, in the same proportions; it is holy, it shall be holy to you.”-NASB. This verse shows the degree of importance that should be given to Holy Oil. It is to be used only for the Temple and all things associated with the Temple including and especially the Temple priests (Exodus 30:30).  It shall not be duplicated for any other reason except the Temple, and should be handled appropriately.

As you know, today those who follow God are all priests of God (1Peter 2:9) and the Temple is each and every one of us ( 1Corinthians 3:16). Therefore, it is very likely that when the Bible records the use of Holy Oil by the First Century Believers (Mark 6:13) it is describing the use of true Holy Oil made with the instructions in Exodus. This is our belief here at Cepher, and the reason we are putting so much time, finances, and effort, into making the exact Holy Oil as God intended.

You may ask why King Y’shua Messiah never said anything about how important the Holy Oil was. He did, remember that King Y’shua Messiah is The Word, and in the Word is the scriptures about Holy Oil. As the Word King Y’shua Messiah is everything that is in the Word of God. That is why He asks us to get to know Him because King Y’shua Messiah can be found in the Bible simply by reading it. There are no tests, no memorization, no preliminary requirements, just read the Word of God.

In the Word of God you will find instruction on the making of Holy Oil. So many people today simply ask God to bless olive oil because it is easier to do than be obedient to God. It is this lifestyle of disobedience and laziness that has brought the USA to where it is today, and that is why this ministry of Oil of the Rock is being developed to challenge that lifestyle.


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  1. Richard says:

    I trust you are basing your recipe on the Law given to Moses. It should not be counterfeited (but we are told that it is.) Please note that “the Law and the Prophets” was preached before Christ, but now is the time for spreading the Good News that all are invited to join the elect. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_anointing_oil

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