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The Choice

Is it a coincidence that life is all about choices? Or is it by design?

Here at Cepher we believe that humankind are the only beings in the universe that were created with the ability to make crucial as well as menial choices, and it is through choosing that we make or break our lives. As we choose we learn, and as we learn we become capable of making the choice that we were created for.

It was said that there were only two things a person had no choice in: Death and Taxes. However, here at Cepher we believe that both death and taxes can be avoided with good choices. In taxes one can choose to live where there are no taxes or choose an exceptional accountant; in death one can simply choose life eternal with God Almighty. That is why we were created, and that is why everything in life involves a choice of some kind or another. The more one chooses to submit their life to God, the easier life’s choices become.

I am convinced that we simply make life and its choices much harder than it need be. We choose to fill our schedules far to full for anyone on earth to complete, and then we blame God and/or ourselves. We choose to purchase or just take possession of stuff we do not really need and that stuff comes with baggage of its own that makes our life more complicated. And if all this was not tough enough, we choose to associate ourselves with people who may be nice, funny, popular, and exceedingly charming, however they do not share our same values, beliefs, lifestyles or our walk with God. Yet, once again we wonder why God allows such unnecessary complications to enter our lives.


Deuteronomy 30

Luke 10:42

Joshua 24:15

For here at Cepher, we have chosen to serve the Lord!


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