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Oil of the Rock

For most of us life is becoming a bit more restricted from an economic side, an ecological side, and a spiritual side, and yet as we reduce our footprint on this planet not only are we learning to live a better life on a global scale, we are also learning how to live a more disciplined life especially on a spiritual scale. Here at Cepher we believe this is all within the design God configured to try to bring His people around.

Generation after generation in society after society humans have lived as if there was no tomorrow. This behavior has caused nothing but damage and destruction; now our grand children will have to find away of survival without all the things we destroyed.  It would not be surprising that God’s return is indirectly dependent on His people’s understanding of the sanctity of life–all life.

After all, the Bible explains that God will not lose a single child (John 6:39), and His return is predicated on all His people coming around to the Truth (2Peter 3:9). This is the whole concept behind Oil of the Rock Ministry, we believe that a true follower of God is one who appreciates God’s Creation, and learns to live with it, not against it. We must become good stewards of all that God has created. We must become more aware of how our lives affect others and everything.

With Oil of the Rock we hope to show the beauty in the simplest of God’s Creation while at the same time bring in the sanctity of God’s Word through the proper use of true Holy Oil. We hope that through the beauty of God’s Creation people will begin to realize the spiritual obligation followers of God have on this earth to make the smallest of footprints while we walk with our King on this earth He made for us.

It does not take much to see the necessity in good stewardship of this earth, one need only to consider the implications of your child immediately destroying a very special gift you gave him/her. This is a gift that took you months of what limited free time you had to make with the sole purpose that your child will get years and maybe decades of real enjoyment from. Do you think that you would feel like building another for your child? How about building one that is ten times as wonderful as the first?

Isaiah 24:4-6 Jeremiah 2:7 Ezekiel 34:17-19


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