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The Clock Is Ticking ?

Today life seems as if the clock is ticking, and no one can tell time. Is there a sound in the forest when a tree falls and no one is there to hear it? Yes, the same sound as one hand clapping.

Here at Cepher we do not readily support conspiracy theories, but we do support the Truth whether or not it is popular. In the past two decades we have seen extreme changes in the “spirit” of humankind that has not readily acknowledged by the media, academia or general public. This “change” is talked about in small groups only, and without the transfer of such discussions between these groups. These groups are of a wide swath of the population of the globe and only very recently have they began to compare notes between themselves via the Internet. This “note passing” has been very fruitful in helping us at Cepher to develop the possible scenario that we would like to share with all of you.

First of all, we must always acknowledge the work and function of the Blessed Holy Spirit to provide God’s people with the Truth to lead and direct His people in their lives with God. That leadership is specifically designed to enhance our lives by keeping us from harm’s way if we are obedient to God’s Word. Isaiah 43:1-7 tells us almost all we ever need to know about what has occurred and what is coming.

At no time in history has there been the number of people as angry as there are today. Desperate, angry, and hopeless are the ingredients for ultimate disaster. That is what we have here today with gangs out numbering police and better armed, an economy in distress,  and a government that no longer works for the average citizen, within a global atmosphere that is in far worse condition than the USA.

Is it H.A.A.R.P, manipulating the weather and brainwaves? Is it the Illuminati taking over the world? Is it simply humankind falling apart as so many times before? Or is it a combination of all these and more being used by the very spirit that attempted to take King Y’shua Messiah’s life?

Hopefully, you know which idea we consider true here at Cepher, the Bible is specific in advising God’s people to realize that there are two very distinct dimensions that affect the lives of all on earth. Those two dimensions are what our five senses can detect and what our sixth sense can feel; these two dimensions are separated by the tiniest of membranes that allow the passage of only the most specific energy–Spiritual Energy. One dimension is our physical world and the other dimension is the Spiritual world. Within the Spiritual World there are evil as well as good Spirits, and it is the evil spirits that manipulate willing people to do some of the most horrific activities.

The evil have no power over us just as the good spirits have no power over us, in fact, it is us who hold the power (Luke 10:20), and yet we instead allow the circumstance to toss us around lake waves in the sea. Does the Extremely Low Frequency created in the H.A.A.R.P. programs around the globe affect the weather? Scientist believe that it can. Does the E.L.F. of the H.A.A.R.P. project affect the brainwaves of human beings? Scientists believe they can. Are there and have there been extremely wealthy, powerful families that have had extreme influence on the globe? History tells us so. Is there any reason for God’s people to become alarmed at the developments?

Again, here at Cepher the answer is emphatically–NO!

There are bad times ahead, and God will see us through each and everyone. Look at every difficult and surprising situation you face as another adventure and just another reminder that God is there for you if you desire. In our lives here at Cepher we have been through the ups and downs of life enough to realize that as long as we are receptive to God’s direction, and we are willing to trust Him completely we will not just survive each negative encounter of our lives, but we will benefit greatly from each encounter by growing stronger in God’s direction.


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