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Mark 6:13

“And they were casting out many demons and were anointing with oil many sick people and healing them.” –NASB

This is one of many scriptures informing/instructing followers of the benefits of Holy Oil. The instructions for the Holy Oil are like the instructions for everything else in the Bible–they are there for our benefit, but only if we are obedient to the Word of God–by applying the instructions to our lives. It is that obedience to the Word of God that is the most important thing for all followers to learn. It is through obedience that we learn to Trust our Creator, it is through that Trust that we learn total dependence on God, and it is through that dependence that we learn just how truly remarkable God’s Agape Love really is.

This dependence on God will be the deciding factor of survival as it has been for millennia. Throughout time we see where those who followed God completely have always managed to persevere through the toughest of times. Times are about to get considerably tough, maybe about as tough as they have been in decades . It does not take a prophet to see what is coming on the horizon. There are some very dark clouds on that horizon, and I am not referring to famine, drought, war, disease, climate change or population overload, which are already prevalent in various parts of the world today as they have been for thousands of years . The clouds on the horizon that I am making note of are filled with anger, hatred, selfishness, laziness, divisiveness, and an inability to see the trouble ahead. These are clouds that cannot be stopped with anything other than a “Spiritual Awakening” much like the one the First Century Believers experienced after the Ascension of King Y’shua Messiah.

For that Awakening to occur we need to look back to the time of the First Century Believer just before King Y’shua Messiah left the earth. First, we must remember what the expectations of the First Century Believers were concerning the coming of the Messiah. For most, they thought that God was sending them an army general who would decimate, by the sword, everyone who would not follow God. Unfortunately, since it obviously did not occur then, many people today believe that it will occur within our lifetime. What did happen at the time just prior to the “Ascension” was the passing on of the Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17), the Blessed Holy Spirit to all those who were true followers of God (Acts 2). The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God which can only be truly understood by the help of the Blessed Holy Spirit.

Before the Blessed Holy Spirit could be passed on to all the followers, directions had to first be followed by the followers. Those directions were given by King Y’shua Messiah, and had to be followed to the letter in order for the followers to be in the right place at the right time. Because without the Blessed Holy Spirit the followers would have had no chance to survive what was about to occur. All the way back to the beginning we can see this basic truth–God’s blessings require our obedience. From the Garden of Eden, and Noah’s Ark, to the gift of the Blessed Holy Spirit, God’s blessings were interwoven with our obedience.

Here at Cepher we are continuing to experience a strong desire to make our own Holy Oil as it was directed to be made at the beginning of the gathering of God’s people. This vision does not stop there, it includes placing the Holy Oil containers in rock displays to place the Holy Oil out in main rooms of homes for all to see. The whole purpose is to bring the importance of obedience to God to the forefront.

I know this sound just a bit “out there”, although I know that in the past two decades I have been learning how the Blessed Holy Spirit is used by God to communicate and lead His followers. Here at Cepher we feel strongly that God is communicating with His followers instructing them to become as close and obedient to God as possible, with each of us carrying a different cross.

This Holy Oil that is described being used by the Disciples of King Y’shua Messiah in the Bible is the same Holy Oil that is written about in the Old Testament, and is described with a list of ingredients in the Book of Exodus 30: 23-25. Here at Cepher we have spent hours and hours researching the exact interpretation of these ingredients in hopes of making Holy Oil as close to the original as possible within our limited means. We are not going to attempt to obtain the type of Fragrant Cane (calamus) from China that the original oil was probably made from. However, we will use a locally purchased calamus root that is supposed to have been grown in China.

Because of the many discrepancies involved in the interpretation of the exact ingredients as well as the apothecary ways used to make the blended oil it will be a matter of faith as to how close we get to the original oil. We have determined that the only way to make the oil as close to the original form as possible is by the Grace of the Blessed Holy Spirit. How about that? It seems to always come down to the guidance of our Blessed Holy Spirit in all spiritual matters. Even the use of the Holy Oil is an act of faith, and therefore the manufacturing of the oil should as well be based on faith coupled with as much knowledge as can be obtained.

If some of you are thinking that we should simply purchase the oils available on the market today, we have not been able to confirm that any true Holy Oil is being made today at reasonable prices. Therefore, though it is easier to simply buy some oil and “believe” it is Holy Oil that is not the way of the Word.

Therefore, we have ordered all the ingredients that we believe goes into the making of Biblical Holy Oil and will try to keep you abreast of our progress as we learn apothecary from the Blessed Holy Spirit.


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