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The Dragon Has Left The Building

I thought I would share some good news with you that may create more questions than answers, but I believe that whatever direction the information leads you it will be worth passing on.

I have been under the claws of the “Dragon” (which is the name I gave to my Multiple Sclerosis because it was the only dragon/ ailment that I was not able to overcome on my own) for about the past six months, and just in the past few days the Dragon has left the building. As bad as it has been with MS, I thank God for it. It has been the driving force that led me into complete surrender to God. When you have lived by your physical abilities to a very long and successful extent, and in an instant your ability to physically overcome all obstacles is gone, a very serious situation arises in your life that makes you extremely desperate and forces you to find out why.

At its most extreme, Multiple Sclerosis is an emotionally straining as well as cognitively confusing disease that makes it very difficult for me to realize when I am in the grip of the Dragon as it slowly chokes the life from my veins. I usually can sense when the Dragon approaches by the odd heavy, puffy feeling in my left eye which will begin to blur as the Dragon begins to take hold. Unfortunately, soon after the Dragon begins squeezing, my legs become weak, my balance becomes hampered, I become fatigued and it feels as if I am living inside of a bowl of clear viscus fluid making everything I do extremely difficult, including breathing. It is at this point that I lose the ability to realize what is causing all these symptoms, and when people ask what’s wrong or how am I feeling, at times I am at a loss of an explanation.

However, with each new MS episode/exacerbation I find myself getting closer and closer to God as I am forced to depend upon Him. The more I depend upon God, the more God provides and shows me how wonderful our relationship could truly be. I have been experiencing these bouts with the Dragon for almost two decades now and when they were first diagnosed God gave my wife a scripture that has been thoroughly true, and has given her the strength to get through all this within the Grace of God–John 11:4.

Of course I cannot say what would have been had I not gotten sick, but I can say unequivocally with regards to every aspect of my life, that where I am at today is about as wonderful as I could have ever hoped for, and the only item I would like to see improved is to some day very soon become as dependent, trusting and surrendered to King Y’shua Messiah as any human being has ever been. That is because I have become certain that there is a God that created everything, and the entire Creation is designed for one single purpose, which is to help the beings that God created specifically to learn to become completely dependent on God.

What do you get the person who has everything? You give that person a being that has the capability to learn how to love him/her, who will in the end choose to love the person who has everything not because the person has everything, but because the person who has everything is so magnificently wonderful, compassionate, sensitive, and has a love that surpasses understanding.

We are on this earth to learn who the Creator is, as well as, learn how to love the Creator with the very same Agape Love the Creator has for the Creation.


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