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Love and Contentment

Periodically, here at Cepher we post something that has been heavy on our spirit for some time with the belief that the Blessed Holy Spirit is behind us on the post. Obviously, this is going to be one such post, and the topic involves the Agape Love of God, and our ability to rest in it. There is no doubt in our minds here at Cepher, that God is not waiting on His thrown with His iron scepter in His hand hoping that His people screw up so He can whack them on their heads. The God that we believe in here at Cepher is a God of Love, and He is incapable of violence. However, He did set up a system of checks and balances that will cause pain to those who abuse it, which He takes complete responsibility for.

We used the analogy of a hot stove before to show how we believe God created this universe, so we will used it here again. It goes something like this: I will cook you a meal using the stove that can provide great benefit if used appropriately. I instruct you to not touch the stove while I am cooking your meal. You decide that since it is your meal, you should be able to touch the stove; of course, you burn your hand.

The question is: Who’s fault is it? Is it mine for turning on the stove to make your meal, or is it your fault for not listening to good advice? We here at Cepher have no doubt that the fault is all yours, and the very same principles apply to God’s Creation.

The major problem that we are facing today in the United States is our understanding of life as we know it is completely opposite of God’s lifestyle design. As you get closer to God you realize how far this world has drifted from the ways of God. Here at Cepher we believe that our Gracious Creator is gently trying to get humankind to realize the plight of over consumption. The selfishness, greed, isolation and increasing abyss between those who have and those who don’t will continue until we realize how very little it is that we humans need to truly live well.

That satisfaction  that comes with complete contentment becomes so overwhelming that it soon takes over human nature’s desire to consume, and provides a realization of the spiritual dimension that controls our universe. There is only one place to find such contentment, and that of course is from God. Here at Cepher we have noticed a direct connection between the Love of God and our ability to do without, to make do with what we have and adjust to the changing circumstances. We have found that the more one understands the Agape Love of God, the more one will trust Him to supply ones’ needs.

This does not happen over night, in fact it may take decades to finally discover true contentment through complete trust in God. We are all aware of the many scriptures referring to this concept. The main scripture that comes to mind most readily is, Matthew 6:25-34. In this scripture we can see that King Y’shua Messiah is plainly telling all who will listen that His Father is not just capable of taking great care of all of us, but that it is God’s desire and design!

When things become bleak and dark here at Cepher, when we are feeling very tired, sick and confused, we simply take time in God’s Word as we allow Him to strengthen our trust in Him. Many times He will bring to our memory all that He has done for us and all that He continues to do. Also we will begin to see God’s Hand within His Creation all around us and once again a great leap in learning will have occurred in our life that we can then share with others or simply to help us in the next dark journey. Thankfully, it does seem that these dark journeys are becoming fewer and farther between.


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