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In my desert travels I have found that it is much easier to hear the Word of God as it is to see His Glory. I almost feel a leading hand guiding my every step, as if the Lord was standing right next to me. The serenity and space of the desert definitely has something to do with this feeling of peace, but there is much more to it than just location. It is as if there is far less interference than within the city, far less congestion that usually drowns out the Voice of God in the city.

I am certainly not advocating that everyone make a solitary pilgrimage into the desert, but I am suggesting that all should try to find that place on earth that allows a closer presence with God. Far to few of us attempt to have any real one on one time with God, and it has created a void within our society. Hundreds of years ago people used to shy away from large gathering of people, yet today people seem to be afraid of being alone. We have created a society that has become greatly dependent on others and far less dependent on themselves or on God.

In the past when problems arise people would simply take them on alone at least at first, today we immediately call for help; and seldom is that call to God. This world around us today needs God more than ever before, and yet, we keep running away from Him instead of running to Him. I believe that is what King Y’shua Messiah was describing when He said that He was bring a sword and not peace–Matthew 10:34. Oswald Chambers said it this way, “You may often see Jesus Christ wreck a life before He saves it.”

I do not believe that it is Y’shua Messiah that wrecks the life , but it is done by our obstinacy as we walk off a cliff that Y’shua Messiah wanted us to avoid. Ultimately, Y’shua Messiah takes responsibility for the cliff, but it is us who walk off it. I see my Lord as The One who waits patiently with open arms for us to realize how dependent we truly are of Him.


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