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Why Am I Here?

Have you ever asked yourself the esoteric question of existence? You have if you have ever lost the original reason you believed you were born for. Those of us that have been injured to the point of no longer being able to continue our prior existence have no choice, but to ask why we are here. In my case everything I did to make a living was completely dependent on my physical abilities. Once I had lost those abilities I was forced to begin living in a completely different existence than I had become accustomed to.

Why? For some, living without reason is perfectly acceptable, but not for me. It has always been important to me to analysis as much of life as I could, and my sudden disability was something I needed to get an understanding of. At first, I thought it was just a matter of changing occupations. So I found various jobs that were completely different from law enforcement, but no matter what job I chose my health continued to decline until the point of near death.

Through all I experienced it became obvious to me that God was not creating any of this negative activity in my life. I had walked into it by shear obstinacy refusing to heed the call of the Lord for decades of my life until finally I had given God no other option. Like a father with a stubborn child who refuses to learn the easy way, God was forced to stand by and watch me walk into the darkness until I eventually stumbled and badly injured myself. Only then was I weak enough to call for God’s assistance, and humble enough to accept it. Of course, He immediately responded with an overwhelming Love that I had never experienced.

Raising six children with my wife has helped to make all this very clear. God is Love. His power and His entire existence is that Love. Once I felt that Agape Love for the first time in my been set free! Once a person realizes that the Creator is not waiting for His creation to make a mistake so He can punish it. That person then begins to understand the nature of a relationship with the Creator. All of the characteristics that God desires to see in His people (1Corinthians 13) are the exact same characteristics that God possesses.

Once I had come to that understanding, I realized that if God has a specific occupation that He desires for me to undertake He will make that very clear. Otherwise, I am not to concern myself with whether or not I am in the correct line of work. What I need to concern myself with is whether or not those whom cross my path can readily see the Love of God through me.

The only way that the Love of God can flow through me is if I am obedient to God and allow His Son, King Y’shua Messiah, to take over my life.

In the mean time, I will be attempting to make Holy Oil!


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