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For some time now James 5:14 has been tickling my ear as has Exodus 30:22-25. For many that just means go to the nearest Bible store and purchase a twelve dollar bottle of Holy Oil. As you may have realized by now we here at Cepher have an allergy to Lemmings, and we oppose “monkey see – monkey do”. So we did a little research to determine the closest recipe to true Biblical Holy Oil and discovered that with today’s prices of the original “official” ingredients at the true proportions required, it is very unlikely that the oil people are buying at the Bible stores are being made with the true designated ingredients (even at wholesale/bulk prices).

Like everything here at Cepher we ask ourselves why God required a specific substance at a specific amount to make the Holy Oil. What we discovered was that every item in the recipe for Holy Oil had some degree of medicinal purpose. However, we believe that the number one reason to use Holy Oil made to Biblical specifications is obedience! It is through that obedience that you gain the benefits.

We are praying and considering making Holy Oil to the exact specification of Exodus 30:22-25 (to the best of our abilities by the Grace of the Blessed Holy Spirit), and we will keep you updated on our progress.


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