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Imagine a life of pure bliss.

A life full of peace, satisfaction, and wonder.

Does such a life exist?

That would depend on your imagination.

Take my life as an example; one could view a man who has lived life burning the candle at both ends until recently. Someone unemployed, on disability, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Degenerative Disk Disease, Osteoarthritis, Barrett’s Esophagus, and Pancreatitis, over fifty years old and financially strapped, viz., a mess.

From another view; one could see (what I already know), a man who has been given a brand new lease on life by the Grace of God. Someone who has changed from a “control freak” to being completely dependent upon the Lord for absolutely everything in life. Someone who has no control of anything, nor the desire to have control of anything. This view would show a man who has had to learn how to trust in God for everything. A man who has learned through experience that God supplies everything a person could ever need.This view would show a man who will not change his life for anything, because this man has finally discovered what is truly important in life. This view would reveal a man who has come to the realization that he was never in control of anything in his life anyway, and that life was an illusion.

Everything that seemed so important in that life was killing me. Thank God His Hope kept coming back. A Hope that never gave up on trying to get my attention. First there was the broken neck, then a few years later a broken back. Then came extreme pain and agony in the years that followed until I became so sick with pneumonia and valley fever that I almost died. Still thinking that I was in control and I could get through this just like I got through everything else–pure physical force of will.

That was until I met “The Dragon”, That is what I began calling Multiple Sclerosis after a few years of suffering. Only MS suffers can understand why I would call it such. At first I took the diagnoses as I had anything else–I will beat this thing! Within a few years of soiling my britches, wee-weeing on myself, falling down–all in public, having seizures, and just having “cruddy” days, I finally crumbled down on the floor prostate to my God and asked for help.

There I laid on the floor came when the most fantastic feeling that I have ever experienced engulfed my being–Love, Agape Love! Like it was all over my body inside and out. As if it had no point of origin, like it had been inside me and now was being connected to a force of Love from beyond my body. And I began to cry, I cried until there was nothing left. So I laid on the floor and praised God in between apologizes. Boy, did I ever apologize! That Day alone was worth every day of the dragon–not that the two are connected. The MS did get my attention. It did cause me to lose everything that ever meant something to me. It did force me to humble myself, which was just as difficult to do as was giving up control, which MS also forced me to do–actually, the dragon did not force me to give up control, it flat took it from me.

I believe God uses circumstances to communicate to us, and with each circumstance I ignored there was another even stronger one following it until finally God had my undivided attention. I realized that because my nature is what it is there would not be any alternatives. I had certainly found something that I could not defeat.

Finally, I had no other options so It was not as if I came to God in search of Him, and yet, He did nothing but cover me in forgiving, healing, Agape Love. Ever since that day some sixteen years ago I have been diligently searching, studying, learning about everything related to our Creator–my Savior. It has not been a bed of roses simply because I have had to learn how to “renew” my mind, and erase five decades of the wrong thought. So it has been up and down at times with the overall direction going up.

This was not my first attempt at serving God. I had heard His call at sixteen years of age and began earnestly following Him for several years only to have the world distract my attention, and I lost direction. Though this time things seemed much more permanent, there was no guarantee. I knew that I may not get a better chance than this one to see it through.

Is it all just my imagination?

So what if it is? I do not believe that it is just my imagination, however, if in the end I discover that it was I will not be disappointed, for the simply reason that my life has improved beyond my wildest imagination since I began to follow Y’shua Messiah. Imagination or not, my life with a relationship with God has been wonderful thus far and getting better each day. Therefore, I have benefited greatly from this relationship in the real world be it imaginary or not. It has been the best sixteen years of my life– so far!

This is not wishful thinking, nor is it the power of positive thought, because I still have to deal with the dragon and all my other physical baggage that I have accumulated over the years of my obstinacy. As a matter of fact lately I have been feeling about as poorly as I have ever felt physically. However, spiritually (emotionally) I have been feeling fantastic! My outlook, attitude, and overall emotional state has never been better. I have not gotten to that place of complete bliss yet, but there is no doubt in my mind that such a place exist in the minds of every human being, and can be discovered via the Blessed Holy Spirit.

If you are wondering why you have never heard of anyone who has lived this life of perfect peaceful bliss, it would be because all who discover this ultimate existence have a complete understanding that there is no reason to tell anyone about it that is not already there. Basically, if you come to God for any reason other than to serve Him through a personal relationship with Him, you will never find this bliss! I am not stating that we here at Cepher have found this place of complete perfect peaceful bliss. I am only stating that we are certain that such a place exist on this planet for the Saints of God.


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