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Farther Up And Farther In

In the last book of the Chronicles of Narnia there is a part where all of Narnia’s followers of Aslan (the lion metaphor for King Y’shua Messiah) were following him up a large seemingly unending¬† mountain. While they were continuing to climb Aslan would remind them periodically “Farther up and farther in”, as if encouraging them to continue to climb because that was what they all needed to do to get to the top.

Throughout my time dealing with my ailments while trying to be a father and a husband I found myself often going back to that part of the Narnia Chronicles. I knew that God had tried in vain to dissuade me from doing many of the things that eventually caused my discomfort. It was my part to continue “Farther up and farther in” no matter how difficult it would become at times. Because that is where I placed myself through disobedience, and the Bible is full of scripture that speaks to the point of never tiring. There probably is a solid reason for the Word of God to speak on the need for perseverance to the extent that it does.

When I was younger, I would push through the pain and sickness to do whatever it was I thought needed getting done. Through my ailments I have learned that first of all, it was that exact mind-set of disregarding what my body and mind was telling me that harmed my body to a great extent and caused most of my ailments that so negatively affect my life today. Secondly, by learning to listen to my body I have learned to obey God far more than before, and now I know that if I feel physically incapable of performing a particular task (due to an ailment) I will consider that task something that God does not wish me to undertake at that moment. By doing this I have learned how to live with God while allowing Him to take care of so many things that I once thought was my sole responsibility. This in turn, has allowed God to work in so many other people’s lives that I would constantly interfere in before. My interference would hamper other people from developing a relationship with God as their sole provider.

Of course, all of us would like to think that our pain and suffering was for admirable reasons and I hope that by sharing my stories of discomfort it will give some comfort to others in some way by the Grace of God. However, I know that I have learned a great deal about my self through all the sickness and discomfort I have experienced over the decades. The most important development that has transpired from my ailments has been my relationship with God. It has without a doubt been so wonderful that if I had the chance to pick a pain-free healthy, wealthy life without God or my life today with Him, there is no question in my mind that I would never even think about my life without my Lord.


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