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It is very probable that mankind’s loss of trust has more to do with spirituality factors than anything else. If you believe in God you should also consider the strong possibility in the existence of the devil. At Cepher we try to avoid discussing difficult areas of spirituality, and the devil is as difficult as its get because so little was written about it within the current Bible. The Book of Enoch has a great deal written about the devil, and it was a book that some of the disciples of King Y’shua Messiah read from during the first century. What we have learned about the devil from the Book of Enoch is that the devil’s main aim is to cause division between the Lord and His people, and what better way to do that than by destroying the trust that human’s need to worship God. Not only do humans need trust to relate to their God, they need trust to live in harmony with others on earth. The lack of trust creates a vacuum that greed fills quickly.

Ultimately, our trust in God, ourselves, and others is crucial in living a peaceful existence on earth. Therefore, it is inevitable that God will allow the necessary circumstances to occur to assure that trust will develop in our lives. The sooner we begin to trust again, the sooner our relationship with our Creator will allow our lives to mirror what God had originally designed.

Trusting God begins when you realize how great God is. First, just consider what God has created. Things on us, earth, and the universe that science still cannot explain or understand. From the single cell to the Big Bang, God’s magnificent creations are just the tip of the iceberg. Next we must consider the mercy God has shown humanity for millennia. When you understand how far away humanity has been, and is, from where God intended it to be it is amazing that we are still here. What is most amazing is that God still Loves us with His Agape Love.

We are sure that you can find many reasons in your own life to Trust in God.


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