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The Wait/The Weight

Waiting really is the hardest part, especially when it involves your very existence. As when Saint Peter sincerely believed that he was willing to die for Y’shua Messiah. Unfortunately for Saint Peter his concept of dying for his Messiah was very much tainted by his human nature; much like our own is today. Human’s tend to think horizontally tying their thoughts and beliefs together from their experiences. God’s Spirit does no such thing. God knows that whatever He can conceive, can become reality. Also, what God can conceive is so far beyond human conception that we cannot even imagine what God thinks about or how God’s thoughts work.

Therefore, Saint Peter, like so many of us, assumed that to die for Y’shua Messiah required a battle defending his Messiah. Just such a battle was developing in front of Saint Peter’s face in the early morning hours on the hillside of Gethsemane, according to his horizontal thought. We all know now that a battle of conventional means was no where near Spiritual reality. They did not know that then. Even today there are many believers whom are certain a conventional battle in the name of, and power of the Lord is eminent. That will require all believers to be prepared for this physical, worldly, conventional war. They were wrong then, and they are most certainly wrong now.

Here at Cepher, we worship a God of Love, a God of Peace, a God of Creation, not destruction. This description of the God is more in line with the New Testament than the Old Testament. The difference between the two Testaments is not God, or how God dealt with people; it is the people themselves who make the difference. Unfortunately, we are evolving into the brutal, blood thirsty, violent, angry, selfish societies of the Old Testament.

In Saint Peter’s horizontal thinking, once he lunged out with a swing of his blade and sliced off the ear of the servant, he had shown his commitment to die for Y’shua Messiah. So one can just imagine Saint Peter’s surprise when his Messiah scolded his effort. Not only did Y’shua Messiah rebuke Peter’s actions, but He actually rebuked the battle in its entirety. Which meant that Saint Peter had gotten it all wrong! What else had he be mistaken about? This was going to take some time for him to figure out what was true and what was actually misplaced hope–the wait began, which created a massive weight on his shoulders.

To make things even worse, Y’shua Messiah was correct about Saint Peter denying his Messiah at the right time and for the correct amount of times. Saint Peter must have thought that either he had been wrong about his Messiah, or had he just been wrong about his expectations for his Messiah. The waiting, one day melted into the next until finally the women followers made a great discovery by accident.

Sometimes we may not see things clearly, but if we just wait upon the Lord, three hours, three days or three decades, we will rise up as eagles and soar far above the weight that once held us down. If we can just learn how to wait.


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