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Here at Cepher we are constantly asking two questions more than any other, why and what if. The later, the counter factual is our biggest motivational engine, though the why is almost as important. We are always asking what if , and today is no exception. It appears that as humans we tend to rely heavily on constancy and absolutes, such as, predicting the weather. We rely on the various laws of nature/science like gravity and thermodynamics. Many of us can tell when a friend or loved one is upset without the person saying anything. So it makes perfect sense that we would expect the very same condition from God. We would expect to know what God expects from us, and how to follow Him correctly.

However, this is not what most of us find when trying to follow God with all our hearts today. Should I help this person in need or is this person just attempting to take advantage of me? Should I keep my kids from doing a lot of what other kids today do? Where should I go to church? Should I go to church? These are just a few of the many questions we have for God daily and few of us ever get a clear answer. That is a clear answer immediately. And many times the answer is there right in front of our face, however, we are not able to see it with our physical senses. God is  Spirit, and therefore, consider everything of God in Spirit.

What if, the Lord created a world where His laws were as clear as the laws of nature? Where one only need be familiar with God’s Laws to live within them. Just as we must live within the law of gravity, accepted as second nature. That world would be one where those who studied the Word of God while applying the earth’s physical laws to God’s laws would have a great advantage over those who did not. Such as, knowing that God’s Spirit is extremely gentle, and therefore does not force itself on anyone, which would tend to make the first impression the correct thought. Also knowing that God’s law centers on obedience, thereby advising the follower to have patience and disciplined to persevere until such time that renders the necessary results.

Let us consider a counter factual world where God ruled:

It would be a place where true followers live within their means a very simple, though extremely satisfying life. Where the Beatitudes are realized in the lives of each follower. Where Agape Love was the only rule. It would be a place where greed and hatred would have no hold on the followers because the followers were willing to allow God’s perspective to rule. It is not as if greed, hatred, and jealousy did not exist, they simply would not be less likely to rule over so many people at any given time; thereby, never allowing them to gain a foothold inside the hearts of anyone. Just as misery loves company, all other personality traits, emotions, feelings, and thoughts need the same to survive to a point of conquer. When greed sneaks into a followers mind it first must find hospitable conditions. Then it must grow inside the person, and that requires the person’s approval. Next, it must spread into others for any chance to conquer, and that is where fellowship is so important. The greed stricken person must find others in the same condition as he/ she was in at the time of the infection, and that is where the true follower of God makes all the difference in the world. By not being susceptible to the infection of greed, the follower stops the transmission at that point. The more followers, the less transmission.

That the majority of true followers of God have always come from independent personalities is not a coincidence, and that they are not bothered by the title of  “Heretic”. Such was the situation at the time of Y’shua Messiah on earth, as it was before the Visitation, and certainly we have no reason to see a change in that atmosphere today, since it has been such for the past two millennia. When someone infected with greed (or any other social malfunction) and confronted with a true follower of God, the infected person is not just stopped from gaining ground, but also from gaining more strength. Therefore, if the stricken person comes in contact with enough true followers then that person may begin to get second thoughts that cause him/her to reconsider her/his place.

What if a world like this really existed?

Why not?


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