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Why Write?

Certainly there is some egotistical motivation in all writing, but with this blog it goes far deeper than sheer personality. We began this endeavor with the sincere belief that it was a tribute to God under the watchful eye of the Blessed Holy Spirit. An attempt to share our journey toward God with those whom the Lord desires. As we learn in our walk with God we hope that what we share with others will be helpful in their walk with God.

Never have we intended to display the attitude of expert or scholar as if we have discovered the panacea for life’s problems. All we desire to do is share, with whomever the Lord wills, what we have learned from the Blessed Holy Spirit whom we credit as our Teacher. Because we have been learning how important it is to Trust God for everything in life. Learning how to decipher what voice in our head is our conscience, i.e. the Blessed Holy Spirit, and what is just personality noise.

Maybe this is just a matter of terminology, however, there is a difference between what we are calling our conscience and other noises that are accumulated in life that pop up at times of confusion. As we have said many times before, the more you know about God, His intentions, Love, and parameters, all the things you can learn about Him by a sincere commitment to study the Bible; the more familiar God’s ways are to you and the more in tune to Him you can become . As you become more attentive to the Lord, the more sensitive you become as to whether or not you are following God.  For as one follows God, one should become more like Y’shua and others should readily see that change. All that we have seen has shown us that the general rule is patience. Most if not all of the people God chose to serve Him had to wait for years before they began their endeavor with God, according to the Bible.

Most of the time we get ahead of God and do far more damage by not waiting on the Lord. If God desires action He will achieve it on His own, we are not God’s arms and legs on earth. We are just a housing for His Blessed Holy Spirit to live through us, and if we let that happen, it will. Willing vessels letting God be in complete control. That is what we are attempting to apply into our lives and as it manifests in our lives we will document it for others to maybe learn by. We are on our way to the desert today to spend some quality time with our Messiah. When we get back, we will tell you all about it, God Willing.


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