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Here at Cepher we pray for all of you to have a great new year in God as you become closer to the Messiah while you meditate with the Blessed Holy Spirit in this journey called life. We are certain that the closer we get to God the more peaceful, beneficial, and satisfying our lives will become. Just do not stop walking toward Y’shua Messiah.

This next decade is all about Trust, prayer, and walking with Y’shua Messiah as our Leader, Example, and Savior. Trusting God, but with our eyes wide open, this is not blind faith, this Trust that we speak of comes from study, dedication, and total commitment in the Blessed Holy Spirit as our Teacher in the Word of God. However, not just in the Bible, but in other books that the Blessed Holy Spirit reveals in our study of the Bible. Such as the Book of Enoch which is discussed as a book of interest to the disciples in Y’shua’s time according to the Book of Jude 14. As well as many books written by true followers in the likes of C.S.Lewis, Oswald Chambers, and current followers like Dr. Francis Collins, Lee Strobel, and so many others that we will list very soon, God willing.

Our prayers are with you all.

May God bless


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