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What is the Spirit of Christmas?

Today some kids and adults understand that Y’shua was not born on December 25th, but that was around the time another celebration was taking place millennia ago. It was that celebration that was the sole reason for the church to invent a competing Christian celebration–in other words, it was church marketing. The celebration that the church was so upset with was the pagan worship of the winter solstice. There is no true indications that Y’shua was born during this time period, but that really did not matter to the church leaders at that time. What mattered to the church at that time is exactly what matters to the churches today, and that is their enrollment. The marketing mantra that has sustained the church since its inception has never changed–an empty seat is an empty soul.

Christianity has veered so far from what Y’shua Messiah created two-thousand years ago there is no resemblance. One was designed to establish individual relationships between God and humankind, the other mandates group think and conformation of worldly doctrine. One was based on the Love of God, the other on the fear. One encouraged a break from worldly traditions, the other added to them. One tells us to follow no one, but Y’shua Messiah; the other states that same premise while operating under the typical worldly hierarchy.

Should we be surprised at what has become of the spirit of Christmas? Not if we consider that its origins had nothing to do with God or the Blessed Holy Spirit. Today there are those who are attempting to bring God’s Spirit back into the holiday. However, they have not considered that God’s Spirit has never been in this holiday. And as we watch where this holiday is going it makes good sense that God’s Spirit stay clear.

Giving God a special day in His honor seems trite to say the least considering that His request is for anyone wishing to honor Him surrender everything over to Him and completely follow Him with every breath that we take. Are not all things God’s?


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